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Politics / So... let's screw the USD 282 taxpayer
« on: June 19, 2014, 10:29:58 AM »
Don't get to issue a $4,000,000 school bond?  Have an elitist agenda and can't win with the voters?

No problem!  Stack the school board with a bunch of spendthrifts, have a meeting within hours of a failed school bond vote, and raise the local taxes by 4 mil!

At least that's what you do if you're in the USD 282 District.  And with increasing property values, the dollar cost to taxpayers in the long run won't be pretty.

Dammit all, cut some costs, fix the roof, fix the AC, pay for good teachers, and focus on education!  The rumpus room can wait.  The majority of our kids won't be making their future livings in the sports arena.  Watering systems for ball fields and new gyms indeed!

And for the board member who was overheard threatening to move their kid to another district... go for it!  You won't be missed all that much.

Learn from recent history, people.  Do some study on education in the US over the last 3 or 4 decades.  Increased spending on 'education' doesn't always result in better educated, or better prepared students.

We finally get the county to begin cutting taxes and looking at better management ideas, and the spoiled brats move their patsies to the school board and keep hijacking the taxpayer for their pet progressive projects.

Recall elections?  I'm in.

Remember, it's the Board of Education, not the Board of Big Spenders.

Ya just don't have a clue about Obama's Common Core do you?

Among other things.   ::)

Politics / A message to the school board elites....
« on: June 17, 2014, 06:46:33 PM »

$4,000,000 School bond election unofficial count:

> YES        300
> NO         561
> The canvass will be Monday, June 23rd at 8:00 a.m. in the Commissioners Room of the Courthouse.


10.85 or up to 14.5 mill property tax INCREASE... USD 282 TAXPAYERS ON THE HOOK FOR $230,000+ UP TO $310,800+ PER YEAR FOR THE NEXT 20 YEARS!

Based on the last Census, we are losing about 2% of our county population per year.  At that rate, who will be here to pay the bill Z& just how many kids will be here to enjoy this white elephant?

Let's buy books & teachers rather than buildings & playgrounds.


Enjoy your 20 something per cent tax increase!

Do the math & use your head.  Seen the price of hamburger or the number of folks who have given up even looking for work lately?  We are in difficult times.  Let's not open ourselves for more.

Because someone has set up a no win situation that has already cost the taxpayers tens of thousands of wasted dollars on architects and $500,000.00 dollars on portable class rooms and now wants to waste $4,000,000.00 on replacing the portable class rooms with brick and mortar, with the main purpose of building a grade school gymnasium....

Lawrdy!  Just think what kind of educational outcomes that kind of money might have produced if used for books, supplies and teacher incentives!  Buildings (especially gymnasiums) don't educate youth... teachers, motivated students and great curricula do.

And nobody yet has shown what USD 282 really does with the outlandish per student money the receive & spend every year.... among the highest in the state!  A higher than average non-teaching staff level?  Nice wages for administrative staff?  Sprinklers for the ball fields. One wonders if we are educating our kids for life in the real world or running a training camp for potential future athletes.

And, for the record... if a situation or condition is 'negative', ignoring or suppressing it does not make the real problem go away.  Airing it out openly, factually and honestly often does.

We are not talking about "afford".  We are talking about what is "needed".... 

... Do our children have to wait until we can "afford" it to have a decent school environment?

I would like to know just how much this will raise our taxes per hundred dollars.   I can think of a number of things that I can give up, if necessary, to pay the added tax.

1.  Since when do kids 'need' a new gym?  Methinks you confuse 'need' with 'want'.

2.  So, you think the current school environment is somehow indecent?  Compare the schools you attended in decades past and then show how the current facilities are somehow of lower standards, please.

3.  About 4.8 mils at last tally.  That's north of $110,000 per year, for many years, to the taxpayers in the USD 282 District.  Not to mention it places the taxpayers in debt to bondholders not just for money loaned to the district but interest as well.  With a shrinking and aging local population, the state of the economy locally, regionally & nationally, and the inherent risks of having substantial debt, one 'needs' to consider the wisdom of significant debt... both at the personal and corporate levels. 

If the district can afford sprinkler systems for ball fields out of pocket, and if the have (and have had for several years) enough money on hand to fix roof leaks & air conditioning (but have not done so), perhaps you might consider chastising the school board & administration for their apparent mismanagement rather than praising them for their glutenous, selfish desires to borrow big money for the 'wants' of a few.

Time, tests & reality have shown decade after decade that throwing money at the public education system (especially at brick and mortar issues) does NOT produce better educational outcomes.  High quality teachers, innovative curriculum & administrations dedicated to quality teaching do.

The Coffee Shop / Re: It's about time
« on: May 25, 2014, 08:30:08 PM »
some electric wheel chairs wont fit in the elevator  anyway

True.  Maybe instead of the school board raising our taxes to buy a new gym, the county could raise them to have a bigger elevator installed.  Or maybe a covered parking area for the electric chairs that won't fit & loaner chairs that do fit for temporary use.  After all, unlike school aged children, even disabled adults contribute to the tax base.  Just tryin to think outside the box.

Even a rich man has snow on his front porch when it snows.

Politics / Re: School bond
« on: March 28, 2014, 10:18:15 AM »
I called the court house this morning and talked with Vicky who confirmed that information.

Wow!  Here we go.. in the back door and under the table... again.  Too lazy, or cheap, to get the issue put on the ballot?  Or 'selective voter manipulation'?

The Coffee Shop / Re: New Official Elk County Web Site
« on: March 13, 2014, 04:32:27 PM »
The homepage is at

Politics / Re: To the Boobs, Unsociable Idiots & CAVE people of Elk County.
« on: February 21, 2014, 10:33:32 PM »
Now as far as the title of this thread... I sure didn't start it. It had nothing to do with me...

No, you didn't start it, and it didn't have anything to do with you.... until you (and I suspect your puppet masters) dropped by and made it all about you. I opine that makes you a sad, sad excuse for... whatever.  Once again, it appears the codependent Victim rides on the winds of other folks discussions.

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