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Politics / Re-Elect Walker, August 2nd
June 26, 2016, 03:35:32 PM
The Elk County Republican Committee will be sponsoring a Q & A for the republican candidates Thursday, July 14th. This event will be held at the West Elk Gym in Howard at 7 p.m. Candidates for the Sheriff's race and County Commission District 3 race have been invited for a meet and greet. The event will be opened by Elk County Republican Committee Chair Doug Ritz who will give the rules and then will be moderated by Robin Rivers. This is all in advance of the Republican Primary on August 2nd. Please come out and prepare yourself to vote by asking the candidates questions and being better informed!  :police:

Republican Candidate Forum July 14th
The Elk County Republican Committee will be sponsoring a Q & A for the republican candidates Thursday, July 14th. This event will be held at the West Elk Gym in Howard at 7 p.m. Candidates for the Sheriff's race and County Commission District 3 race have been invited for a meet and greet. The event will be opened by Elk County Republican Committee Chair Doug Ritz who will give the rules and then will be moderated by Robin Rivers. This is all in advance of the Republican Primary on August 2nd. Please come out and prepare yourself to vote by asking the candidates questions and being better informed! :police:

Republican Candidate Forum July 14th
by Jennifer L. Walker, Republican Committee Woman, Longton, KS

Attention all registered Republicans of Elk County: Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 5th and come to the Cox Building in Howard for the Elk County 2016 Presidential Caucus. This will be the FIRST EVER Presidential Caucus held in Elk County! Doors will open at 9:30 a.m.  The chair of the caucus will call the meeting to order at 10:00 AM.  Following the introduction, there will be the opportunity for representatives from various campaigns to present information about their candidate.  Once all the representatives have had an opportunity to discuss their candidate, ballots will be distributed and you can vote.  People can come in at any time to vote.  Voting will be by secret ballot.  You will only vote for one candidate.  You do not have to stay after you have cast your ballot. Voting will end at 2 p.m.

We are hoping for a record turnout to commemorate this event! This is one of the most important votes of our lifetime! Come and make sure your voice is heard! Refreshments will be served.
The Coffee Shop / Re: East Coast Happenings
November 05, 2014, 04:59:02 PM
Oh the good people in's nice to get real news out of Delaware. Let the good times roll--Robert

Pervert admits to throwing his semen on 'hot' female shopper at Delaware Wal-Mart

A Delaware man was arrested Tuesday after throwing semen at a 20-year-old woman he told police he thought was 'hot.'

Frank Short Jr., 22, was charged with a litany of offenses after being arrested for the depraved act in a New Castle, DE, Wal-Mart, according to a police report obtained by Mail Online.

Among the charges are lewdness, harassment and offensive touching with bodily fluids, said the report.

The incident occurred while the woman was in a Wal-Mart aisle texting and Short walked past her, saying 'excuse me,' said the report. The woman soon felt 'something wet on her buttocks, thigh and leg.'

Though she initially thought the pervert spit on her, the woman soon realized it was 'a glob of semen on her leg, just below her knee,' the report said.

After the horrified woman got over the shock of having semen thrown at her in the middle of a busy store, she sought help from store employees – with Short following her around the store – who called police. Authorities confirmed the victim's suspicion when their tests showed the substance was 'indicative of semen,' said the report.

At first the degenerate denied his depravity, saying he 'sneezed into his hands, then shook his hands off' onto the poor woman's leg. He soon admitted to spitting on the lady before finally copping to the whole thing after calling the woman 'hot.'
Short also admitted to considering himself a 'loner' who 'gets a thrill out of such an act,' the report said.
The report concluded Short took 'a substance into his hand, believed to be his own semen, and did place this substance upon the body of [the victim] because he was sexually attracted to her.'

He was booked and tossed into a local jail before being released later in the day on bond.

The Coffee Shop / Re: East Coast Happenings
November 05, 2014, 04:42:53 PM
Ah, yes, the honesty from Delaware--Robert

Democrat candidate arrested at polling site
YORKTOWN – A candidate for Yorktown Town Council was arrested on Election Day at a polling site, accused of earlier stealing other candidates' signs and leaving the scene of a traffic accident during a confrontation with his accusers.

Richard E. Yencer Jr., 60, 3100 N. Delaware County Road 500-W, was preliminarily charged with theft and leaving the scene of accident.

Arrested while greeting voters at Yorktown High School early Tuesday afternoon, Yencer was later released from the Delaware County jail after posting a $5,000 bond.

According to a probable cause affidavit, emergency dispatchers received a call "about a person stealing campaign signs" at Cammack United Methodist Church, 1901 N. Cammack St., about 10:15 p.m. Monday.

The Yorktown Police Department requested the Delaware County Sheriff's Office investigate the matter after determining "the victim and suspect (were) both campaigning for the Town Board of Yorktown."

Yencer — a reporter for The Star Press from the mid-1970s until 2010 — was a Democratic candidate for an at-large council seat in Tuesday's election.

According to the affidavit, Yorktown Town Council incumbents Bob Ratchford and Rich Lee, both Republicans, were placing campaign signs at polling sites Monday night when they saw Yencer at the church, the polling site for Precinct 55.

The Republicans reported they circled the block "to see what Mr. Yencer's intentions were," and saw the Democrat tear up a sign for Republican U.S. Rep. Luke Messer "and place it in his trunk."

Messer's Democratic challenger, Susan Heitzman, was a financial contributor to Yencer's council race.

Lee told authorities he saw signs for other candidates — including Ratchford and Yorktown Town Council member Daniel Flanagan — in Yencer's car.

"When (Lee) told Mr. Yencer that he knew the law and he can't do that, Mr. Yencer replied that he is the law," Kip Curtis, a sheriff's deputy, wrote.

Ratchford reportedly tried to prevent Yencer from leaving the scene by standing in front of his car. The deputy wrote that Yencer then put his 1994 Nissan into reverse, striking Lee "in the knees with the rear bumper of his car."

Lee told the deputy he jumped on the vehicle's trunk to avoid injury and struck the trunk with his fist "hoping Mr. Yencer would stop."

Lee — who would later decline emergency medical treatment — maintained Yencer was "fully aware" that his vehicle struck Lee.

Yencer then drove "through an adjoining yard" and left the area, his accusers said. County police reportedly searched for Yencer in the area for about two hours, and one of the deputies took photographs of Lee's knees.

The Democrat was arrested, without incident, more than 12 hours later at the high school, the polling site for Precinct 71.

In 2012, Lee won election to the council's District 1 seat over Yencer.

The Democrat has been a consistent critic of the Republican council's handling of town government.

Attorney Robert Beymer said Tuesday night he would represent Yencer should formal charges be filed.

"The arrest was politically motivated by Mr. Ratchford and Mr. Lee, who have their facts wrong as usual," Beymer said in a prepared statement.

Yencer on Tuesday failed in a bid to win one of two at-large seats on Yorktown Town Council, finishing last in a four-candidate race. Ratchford and Lee were re-elected to their district seats.

Contact news reporter Douglas Walker at (765) 213-5851. You can also follow him on Twitter @DouglasWalkerSP.
Politics / Re: District 1, County Commission
November 05, 2014, 03:43:36 PM
I have tried to keep quiet on this forum for the most part during the two months leading up to the general election. The election is over, so:

Every two years, a Republican Committeeman and Committeewoman are elected in the townships. Two years ago I was written into the position of Republican Committeewoman for Longton. I forgot to register as a candidate for it this year, so after the primary election I was appointed into the position again. Several things happening with the politics of this great nation have compelled me to work a little harder to make sure things are done right.

We have been called whiners, sore losers and cry babies for the efforts in getting Mr. Ritz re-elected. We have been told to "deal with it." This is America. Why should we have to deal with something that we might be able to change if we roll up our sleeves and work for it? Why do we have to go along with something that doesn't fit with our morals and beliefs? We truly believe in Doug Ritz and believed in our efforts to back him. Why should we be belittled for those beliefs?

I would like to request that some of the people who backed Shari Kaminska, (the committee woman that threw fits in the courthouse about the Republican Committee man and woman of Longton, KS getting their stickers to be poll agents on election day; the "good Christian" man that told people that Doug Ritz had sent us to intimidate voters; those that told people write-in campaigns are illegal, votes don't count and he already "holds too many positions") I would like to request that you look up the definitions of committee men and women. Poll agents sit in on elections all over this country.

The main thing that we are against Ms. Kaminska for is the fact that she said taxes would have to be raised. She said it several times and some people agreed with her. We didn't turn people in for putting up signs. We didn't turn people in for lying to potential voters. We didn't accuse the sitting county commissioner of the felony fraud of voter intimidation and then turn around and try to apologize our way out of saying it. All we tried to do was get Doug Ritz re-elected by utilizing completely legal methods and if you think I did anything otherwise, you don't know me at all! We didn't use the tactics of the Black Panthers and ACORN. We didn't wear berets and battle fatigues with night sticks standing in front of the polling place to keep people from voting.

If sitting in the back corner of a room, quietly, while people come in to vote is voter intimidation, let me know. Out of almost 240 people, who was intimidated? We even asked Mr. Hoyt at the courthouse last night if we had caused any problems. He said, no you were good.

I observed the election process so that I could educate myself on it. It's time people start taking things seriously. So with my elected and appointed offices, that is all I am trying to do.---Jennifer Walker
Politics / Re: Greg Orman Political Ads. He sucks!
October 31, 2014, 03:01:27 PM
The statement that the Republicans are the only ones that bring in socialistic agendas, is like what John says at the end of one of the commercials. He needs to scrape some of that shit off of his boot. Always down on the Republicans there Red, but what the hell have the democrats done in the past 45 years. Jimmy Carter was the second worst president ever. Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary, two lying no good SOBs. And Barack Hussein Obama, a communist, socialist, muslim piece of garbage. Yes, let's get real with the program.--Robert
The way to fix the forum to your liking is for you to start your own forum. That way you can decide on who you want on there and who you don't want on there. You can press your socialistic agenda by censoring what people say by taking away their first amendment rights. That's exactly what communist countries do, only air what they want aired. It's nice to know that Elk Konnected folks like yourself, like Shari Kaminska, like Liz Hendricks, like Nancy Liebau are spouting off with good post. We know where your communist, socialistic agendas lie. It's not hard to put 2 and 2 together or konnect the dots. I myself am not a socialist or some damn commie. And I don't always go with what Ross says, what redcliff says, what Patriot says, but I'll damn sure stand up for their right to speak their mind and only a moron would tell the owner of a website or a forum how to run it to suit their needs. We damn sure wouldn't want anything being said about any Elk Konnection, raising taxes so close to election time. Kaminska said that 20 years ago things were a lot better than they are now, but yet she moved away for 25 years and just came back 8 years ago..but knows everything there is to know about how to fix this county. She has no plans that she can tell anyone about. Sort of reminds me of another stupid statement, we gotta pass the bill to find out what is in it (Nancy Pelosi, another liberal). These kind of people are what is screwed up about this country now. Only a fool would change a horse midstream. And lets talk to people like they're in 3rd grade, let's show them pictures of bulls and cows and dogs. It looks really great before someone's even in office to treat you like you're incompetent and wouldn't understand. And maybe they didn't. That might be why only a select few got invited to her "meetings." Nice to know that Elk Konnected has their CRONIES to back them.

Rudy Taylor has a list of candidates and offices on the front page of his Prairie Star this week. For District 1 County Commission he has Shari Kaminska listed and reminds everyone that her name will be the only one on the ballot. Thanks Rudy, for reminding everyone that they will need to write-in Doug Ritz's name!

That's why Tuesday, November 4th, I will vote for Doug Ritz, AGAIN, who has a proven track record and has done more good for this county in 4 years than his predecessors were able to do. --Robert

Politics / Greg Orman Political Ads. He sucks!
October 30, 2014, 06:04:04 PM

Really? Did this Obama lovin' piece of chit just say if you don't vote for him you're stupid? It's toward the end of the commercial but that's damned sure what I take from it. --Robert
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