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The Coffee Shop / Re: What Are You Doing For Excitement Today?
« on: July 23, 2012, 11:53:01 PM »
My excitment entailed helping 3 girls get their 4-H projects completed before the fair next week. Two were sewing, while another just thought about sewing her pillow and begged me to cut it out for her!! But I didn't. LOL!! She would be the 14 year old. The girls also took things into the Howard Fair this past weekend. So, we have been very busy at our house making things!! :P

That is a good idea. Not only to meet them, but see what they would do for the county if they were to be elected. 8)

Ross, I think you need to make sure you have your facts straight. Don't you ever, and I mean ever say that I don't listen my Husbands Uncle. That is just you blowing smoke in everyone's a@@!! You know I wasn't that pissed off until you put that here. That is a line of sh@@!!! I don't know who you get your so called facts from, but I do listen to him loud and clear. You don't even know my side of how I think on the issues. Have I stated that the government makes me happy??? All that I have stated is that the way that you go about things is wrong. You are nothing but, oh I won't stoop to your level. But don't you ever say that I don't listen to someone that is such a big part of my family!!! You sir are a piss of work, and not the good kind!!!

See you and your crowd of, whatever you are, are not worth my time of day!! Take this all and see how you all can SPIN IT TO FIT YOUR NEEDS!!! You are vile human beings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW Angie, you are on a roll tonite and you are right on target. You are saying exactly what a lot of people there have said to me.

Thanks- Just venting. So tired of people targeting others. It happens on every level of things. I volunteer alot, but am always the target when something goes wrong. It happens when you step up and help out where you are needed. Like many others in this community that get an earful everytime something goes wrong. Like teachers, coaches, 4-H leaders, Girl Scout/Boy Scout leaders, councilmen and women, board members, you name it, they are the target. Not once do the complainers step up and help out in the commmunity, but they are usually the ones to yell the loudest when something doesn't go like they think it should.

I for one APPRECIATE anyone who volunteers to make this community and surrounding communities better places to leave for my children. With out your help and support some of the different things in the communities wouldn't get done. Even the County Commissioners, they have a hard job, and I for one wouldn't want it for anything. But I do say THANKS!!

Steve, rarely do the concepts of individual liberty, free enterprise, integrity in government, and appearances of impropriety (even when supported by provable facts) ever sway the closed minds of people who live in the fantasy land of Obama-like hope n change.  People of that narrow mindset simply can't abandon their dreams of a perfect world where there is no conflict and where problems can all be solved if 'we just get along'.  Consequently, anyone who has a supportable point of view becomes a 'troublemaker' who can't fit some euphoric pattern of being 'positive' about everything.   But then, you knew that.

Now, who exactly is the 'we' who are going to be providing these trail rides when people park their RV?  Given the clear konnections, I can think of only one privately owned company registered with the state of KS, well konnected enough to finance such an endeavor and is operating in Elk County who fits that ticket.

It's how you say it and go about the change. We all have free liberty to do and say what we believe. But when you all say it, it's ok. But I voice my opinion and I am uneducated and don't know what I am talking about. It's not how loud you scream, but how you go about things. You have sit and said that people that make money in this county don't pay taxes. They all have free money that is coming from the government that they didn't earn. But honestly, some of the people that you are talking about don't get free rides, that is what you called it. They work!! What is disablility? I know I am opening up a can of worms, but when my dad passed away years ago, he was getting a pension from the government. He was retired from the Navy. After he passed away, my mom didn't get crap! Thank goodness my sister and brother and I were out on our own then and she didn't have to raise us any more. She lost everything. Then she had heart problems. Doctor told her she couldn't work, but it took her well over a year to get any kind of disability. So, what am I to HATE the government for doing my family wrong. Sit on my butt and complain does nothing. I am bettering myself by getting a job to help support my family. I am proud that my father was in the Armed Forces. But they did my mother wrong, should I just HATE all that they do. NO, and I don't. I am a proud hard working AMERICAN raising my 3 beautiful daughters to believe in GOD, and this country!! I am teaching them to set goals and never let anyone tell you that you can't be anything that you want. But most importantly to treat others the way that they themselves want to be treated. If I do wrong, you bet I want someone to tell me. I want to improve myself everyday, especially if I am doing something wrong. I am not telling you that you are wrong. I just think that by now you have found a better way to get your point across. We all hear you, but the louder you are shouting the more people are not listening!! Honestly, I am not!

That is because This so called uniting is nothing more than socialist agenda to destroy the individual. I am not responsible for you nor your kids nor your family.  You in turn are not responsible for me.  This unity crap is that. Crap. 

What is crap? Making people treat other people with respect? I was always taught to respect others. What is going on is that you choose to degrade others because they don't believe or think like you. I am not saying that you are not right about your beliefs or that I am right. I am saying that to survive in life you have to learn to get along with others. If you have a boss and they tell you to do something, do you not do it? You have to learn to except others and try to get along with them. I know and understand that you all don't like what the commissioners are doing. We get that we understand that, but 365 pages of degrading information (if you can call it that), is down right enough. No, I don't have to read it, nobody does. I think I read it just to see what kind of CRAP you all post. I am not, nor have I ever been a member of Elk Konnected. If someone from the group ask me for help, you bet if I am not busy, I would help. I help in alot of areas.

If you all don't like the commissoners, then run for an office. I see that in the paper this week they are asking for people to run for different things. But that is what the main problem with people in this area do do, they complain about certain organizations, and choose not to help when ask. If you look, its the same people doing all the different organizations, same group that want to better Elk County and surrounding areas. The only way to do that is if we do unite!!

Steve, how do we do this if we don't unite and work together? Don't tell me some big line of bull like bring in jobs, things like that. There are more jobs in this area than there have been in along time. I was born and raised in Severy, and moved to Howard when my husband and I got married. Love the area, the people, and the way of life. But this negativity this thread has makes me want to puke!!!

Technically there has always been two groups. Those that pay the bill and those who don't but receive the service for free.  The ones who pay the bill have a right and a duty to question where their money is going.  ESPECIALLY if its going to others that have wealth and means.  Since those in power tend to not pay much of the bill, it then falls on the rest of the productive.  In all reality those who don't pay taxes should not have a say in what is done.They have no stake in it outside of recipient.

I don't know what makes you think that they don't pay taxes. That is just a tad bit on the crazy train saying that. So, if I make $100,000 a year, (which I don't nor does my husband), you say that we don't pay taxes?  Just wondering why you would say that. I know I have never seen a commissioners name printed in the paper for not paying their taxes. So that it just like saying they don't have to pay any. I don't know for a fact, but I am pretty sure that is totally wrong. They pay the same amount of taxes, if not more than we do. I also know that some of those commissioners are very hard working people. Do you know what each of them do to earn their living?

Any time a public leader of any group doesn't do what some people want they are ganged up on. Believe me I know. Do you think people of leadership do it for their health? Not hardly. They do it for the good of others. I think that some of this has gone to far. I haven't posted on this for a long time. But some of the things you say about these people are just wrong. If I was to call up Jennifer, while not workin, and ask her to help me do something she would be right there to help. The same is with our commissioners. But I'm not sure that if I called up any of you for help that you would be there to help. We are trying to teach our children not to bully, but that is all that you people know how to do. I don't agree with some of the things that go on with the county, but to sit and make a post on the internet to bash these people does no good, yet you continue to keep doing it. I choose to talk to the leaders and express my concerns with words that are fitting for my 7 year old child to use and see. It's sad. When we moved Severy and Moline schools to Howard, we united our kids, but the adults in this county just don't want to unite at all. Fight, fight, and fight some more of roads that have been bad for so many years that it will take at least that many years to get them up to shape, or how we are going to spend some wind farm money. Really!!

The Coffee Shop / Re: A question for parents...
« on: February 06, 2012, 04:53:57 PM »
Did you see this happen? I am not saying it is right at all, but what's the story?

Politics / Re: Elk County Hand Out At Commissioners Meeting on 4/25
« on: January 30, 2012, 07:42:15 PM »
Ross, I do have to say that your comments are not the nicest. I am a big person and fight everyday to try and loss weight. So if I chose to participate in the contest, which is no ones business, makes me a fat person???? I have to say, we have bullying going on in our schools that is beyond mean, but your comment there is down right WRONG!! NO MATTER HOW YOU TWIST IT!! I have smaller girls and tell them everyday that it is not right to call anyone fat! It isn't, do you know what that can do to kids?? I mean really!! Some people, me included, don't have the privelage to eat whatever we want when ever we want. Our bodies don't all work the same!! So PLEASE refrain from that kind of talk, if not for yourself but at the others reading this that like the chance to particapate in the contest!!

Do you as a person not have any code of ethics? I do, and I chose not to call others fat!!

Politics / Re: The Obuma Welfare Phone
« on: January 23, 2012, 06:34:45 PM »
I believe this!! >:( Our worthless old tenants recieved one in the mail after they left our rental place. I didn't forward it on, but didn't use it either. Makes me sick!! I work my tail off just to feed my children, put a roof over their heads. I have a cell phone and pay for it each and every month on my own!!

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