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The Coffee Shop / Re: Thanksgiving
November 30, 2017, 07:54:06 PM

This is your Kansas cousin, Deb Garison. I always get a grin from your posts. When your son called his mom, did he suggest bringing most of the food or do you all get that priviledge? Sorry you have to shave.  :)
I always tried to be considerate of my families and holidays when I had both sets of parents. Carl's mom always invited Bill to share the holiday meals with us (which helped a lot). Now that I am the in law (or outlaw, depending on the day), I try to be understanding of sharing my son and his family. I borrowed an idea from a co-worker and friend and have started having what I call Thanksmas for extended family. We do a gift exchange by number and buy for the children. Then we play cards or board games. The menu changes from year to year. It sure takes a lot of the holiday stress away and we just enjoy the day. Hope your holidays are "bear"able and lots of memories are made. Love from Kansas, Deb. 
Darlene Cookson, wife of Glenn Cookson, mother to Debbie and Irene and former Elk County Treasurer,  passed away this morning at Wakeeny, Kansas. She had been suffering with dementia for several years and was in a nursing home at the time of her passing. Both of the girls and Glenn were by her side this past week when the family was told her time on earth was short. Glenn has moved in with Irene and Max, her husband, there in Wakeeny. Here is the address to send notes of condolences for the family. I know Glenn would absolutely love to hear from the people in Elk County, Kansas. Graveside services are set for April 20th, 2012 at 3 p.m. at the Veteran's Cemetery, Wakeeny, Ks.

Glenn Cookson
224 N Seventh
Wakeeny, KS 67672

Deb Garison
The Good Old Days / Re: Aunt Mary Ellen's memories
September 25, 2010, 10:15:57 PM
It took me awhile to figure out if Aunt Mary Ellen was teasing or just speaking her opinon (of which she had no problem sharing). I am thankful that I was welcomed as part of the family after I married & lived in Howard. If I was ever granted three wishes by a genie, sitting in the corner observing a dinner at Granny Andrew's would be one of those wishes. Thanks for the posting. Deb

I'd like to suggest that you have a long time member of the Howard PEO Chapter look at this picture, as I recognize the third lady in the back row as Violet Criger Garison.  Grandmother Garison was a member of most of the civic ladies organizations in Howard.  Good luck.
Douglas E. McGown, age 52, of Mound City, Kansas, died Friday, April 2, 2010 at Overland Park Regional Medical Center in Overland Park, Kansas.  He was born on October 25, 1957 at Ft. Scott, Kansas, the son of Gilbert and Carolyn (Peery) McGown.

He graduated from Jayhawk Linn High School in 1975.  He married Rhonda Signer on March 20, 1982.  He worked as a drilling contractor, owning and operating McGown Drilling.  Doug enjoyed flying and had his private plot's license and IFR rating.

He is survived by his mother,Carolyn McGown of Yates Center, Kansas; his wife, Rhonda, of the home; one son, Christopher McGown, and three daughters, Alisha Rogers and Tom, Taylor and Jessie McGown, all of Mound City, Kansas; one sister, Lori Mueller and Mark of Hiawatha, Kansas; and two grandsons, Rylan and Dylan Rogers.  He was preceded in death by his father, Gib.

Memorial funeral services will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, April 6, 2010 at the McGown family home, 13683 W. 750 Road, Mound City, Kansas.  The family suggests contributions to the Doug McGown Memorial Fund.  Arrangements are by Coffel-Schnieder Funeral Home, 319 W Chestnut Street, Mound City, Kansas 66056.

(taken from the Coffel-Schnieder Funeral Home website)

I'm going out on a limb here, but my dear friend and a participant in the Elk Co Forum lost her husband last Friday.  Rhonda Signer McGown was raised in Howard, her father Don Signer was the Farm Bureau Agent for many years, and her mother's maiden name is Sue DeWitt.  Her brother Danny Signer has the auto repair shop in Howard. Rhonda graduated from West Elk High School and worked at Toot's, West's Food Market and the Elk County Farm Bureau Agency when Steve Kill was the agent. That's where I met her, and I've been blessed with a warm loving friend through thick & thin ever since. I just thought that those back in Elk County that think as much of her as I do would like to send their condolences. I didn't ask Rhonda's approval so I may be in trouble, but I think it's worth the risk. I talked to her yesterday and she's doing ok. Doug's illness came fast and he didn't have to suffer. She has the kids and her mom and her siblings with her this weekend.  Deb Garison

Carl & Larry,

I would just like to find someone who was supposed to watch over him & Bob, just to find out how much trouble they got into. My dad did tell me some stories on himself while I was staying with him. But I'm quite sure they were the versions he wanted me to hear!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sharon & Bob Smith, Paul Snodderley, John, Susan & Sabrina Snodderley and Kevin & Eilen Redmond were at the service. If my observations are correct, they all had a good time visiting that afternoon. I know you two were there in spirit & prayers. I'll keep in touch. Deb
Bill Redmond, my dad, passed away this afternoon at the Dexter Care Center, where he had been a resident for a month. Funeral services are pending with Zimmerman Funeral Home, Howard, Ks. I just wanted the people of Howard to know that he had passed. Deb Garison
The Coffee Shop / Re: Howard Fair
July 21, 2008, 08:12:49 PM
Ok, here is my two cents worth.

PEP, I remember when you and your brothers were active in the Elk County Fairs!!!!!!!

Point #1.  County fairs were established as a celebration for bragging rights for the agricultural production in a county.  It was a local thing.

Point #2.  How many of your young people in the county are involved in agricultural endevors?

Point #3. I was at the fair on Saturday night and there was approx. 50 high school age kids there "socializing" about the time the dance started.  We left at approx. 11 p.m. and followed most of the kids out of the fairgrounds.  Other than the retired citizens of Elk County, which demographic group has the most disposible income to spend?  The teenagers!!!!!!  I'm not knocking the music, the problem is I'm middle aged now & that was my kind of music.  If the fair board is going to use the dance as a money maker, they need to cater/market to the group that will come and pay to dance/socialize.

Point #4.  I saw an advertisement in the spring for a ranch rodeo, was it held?  If so, how many of the downtown businesses advertised to support it? Was it a sanctioned ranch rodeo so the participants could get points for a bigger show?  How big of a crowd does the mud runs bring in?  If you started renting out RV spaces at the fair grounds, what arrangements will need to be made for their "gray" water?  Have you tried to stock the City Lake for future bass tournaments and court the small fishing clubs within a 3 hour travel limit? Think of the people with money to bring to Elk County, with the idea that most of the Wichita money with any interest is only for hunting or fishing.

Whoops, I think that was 5 cents worth.

The organization for young girls that is affliated with The Order of the Eastern Star and Masonic Lodge is called "Rainbow for Girls" .  The closest one I ever knew of was located in Eureka, when I belonged in the early 70's.  David, you might ask Jo McDonald through this site if she remembers when your mother was a member.  Frank, if you happen to see Bill Redmond while you are in Howard this weekend, you might ask him if he would communicate with your nephew about the Masonic Lodge. Just remember his hearing is not the best and he tries to hide it. DO NOT TELL HIM I SAID THAT!!!!!!!
Genealogy / Re: Unusual Given Names
May 17, 2008, 01:14:54 AM
To Flo and Pam,

The PRCA contestant's name was "Butch" Meyers and the family lived near Welda, Ks. Butch was a vo-ag teacher. He and his wife, Fanchone (now ex-wife) had three children, oldest was a boy named "Rope", next was a girl name "Tye" and the youngest was a boy named "Cash". Fanchone would bring Cash to the indoor rodeo arena at Winfield to compete when she still lived at Welda. Her folks lived in Arkansas City. Butch divorced her and supposably married some rich Texan, the boys followed him when they got older.  The last I heard, Fanchone had moved down there also. If either of you watch the NFR each year, Cash and Rope have competed there within the last 6 years, I think.
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