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The Coffee Shop / Re: Howard on eBay
August 21, 2007, 07:31:28 AM
I believe that this photo is of the corner of Wabash and Washington in Howard.  My family lived one block west of the intersection starting in the early 1940s, and there was a blacksmith shop between our house and the alley (where the curved roof building is shown) when I was young (50s and 60s).  Mr. Sievers ran it.  The white building across the alley was used for city storage, and the building on the corner was a gas station at that time.  Carl Lauffer ran it at one time.  Then John Markley had his veterinarian business there.  My dad bought the blacksmith property and had the building torn down.  Remnants of the foundation are still there.  Mr. Sievers moved his blacksmith shop across the alley to the white building where Jerry Harrod eventually started his business. It  was cleared out when the Cox Building was constructed. 
The Coffee Shop / Grenola Bar & Grill
August 17, 2007, 05:46:14 PM
I was just reading a nice article in the Winfield Daily Courier about the Grenola Bar & Grill.  Has anyone eaten there?  I'd welcome any opinions.  Undoubtedly the people of Grenola are delighted to have another business and a place to gather.  The new owners (who are NOT Elk County natives)  sound like very interesting people and have even recruited some friends to also move there.
The Coffee Shop / Re: Good Nite All
August 16, 2007, 11:07:31 PM
Those "phonics phones" are so neat--I've used them in the classroom, and it is a real confidence booster.  Keeps the classroom quieter too!  These are the days when I miss getting ready for a new group of students.  However,  I don't miss all the extras that teachers are required to be responsible for and all the paperwork and testing and inservice that take so much precious time away from actually teaching the kids.   

Have a great year!!!!  1st grade teachers are a special gift from God!  What an important year for those little people who are so eager to soak up all you have to offer!  Good Luck!
That is a nice memorial to Dale Brenner.

I ordered two of Rudy's books at Christmas time to give to my husband and my brother.  Rudy kindly autographed them both, and they have brought  back so many fond memories of growing up in "Small Town America", especially "Small Town Kansas".  Job well, done, Rudy!!!
Miscellaneous / Re: Zimmerman Update as of July 28
August 13, 2007, 10:54:55 AM
I took piano lessons from the time I started 1st grade until I was a junior in high school, so that would have been 1955-1965.  Going to lessons was the highlight of my week--I loved playing the piano and still do.  When I started lessons, Mary Caroline had her studio in the upstairs of the First National Bank (which is where the Howard State Bank now sits.)  The stairs were very, very steep and tall  and dark (and scary) from a 5-year-old's perspective, but every week I trudged all by myself to lessons.  If you turned left at the top of the stairs, you would find Drs. Frank and Richard Reid's dentist office.  To the right were the piano studio and several other "mysterious locked doors".  I never knew what else was up in that tall building. 

I suppose she moved her studio to the funeral home garage when they tore the  building down and moved across the street and prepared to build the  Howard National Bank on that site.  I don't remember when that was.  That must have been a real job to transport the heavy upright piano out of her upstairs studio to move to the other location.

The spring piano recitals were quite an event for all of Mary Caroline's students.  Everyone was required to MEMORIZE one solo piece and perform a duet with another student.  They were held in the First Baptist Church which had two nice spinet pianos which could be moved to the front of the sanctuary for the "big night performance".  I know several students who would quit taking lessons  before the recital time came because it was such a traumatic experience for them to have to get up in front of a crowd AND memorize.  The church was always full on recital night.  It was a special time for me leaving many fond memories. 
Miscellaneous / Re: Zimmerman Update as of July 28
August 13, 2007, 06:43:14 AM
I also took piano lessons from Mary Caroline Miller in her studio in the garage at the funeral home.  The lady who lived upstairs at that time was Maude McBride.  I think Velette (Robin) Smith lived there and helped at the funeral home in later years, also. 
My parents, Cecil and Ruth (Hawkins) Hebb were married at the Howard Methodist Church parsonage by Rev. Harry Weed in March 1936, so he was pastoring there at that time.
Hazel Moore, longtime elementary teacher in the Elk County Schools, will be celebrating her 98th birthday on August 12.  She would love to hear from former students and friends, so please drop her a card and birthday greeting.  She still lives in her home in Howard at the corner of Washington and Pennsylvania. and until recently, was living alone.  She now has a lady who lives with her and helps out with the housework and cooking.   Many of you have fond memories of this dear lady as a teacher, Sunday School teacher in the First Methodist Church, friend, neighbor, or relative

Her address is:

Hazel Moore
Box 26
Howard, Kansas  67349
Recipe's & Home Remedy's / Re: need a recipe
August 04, 2007, 09:47:44 PM
Oops, I just saw that it had already been posted.  Sorry......................and thanks for the recipe!
Recipe's & Home Remedy's / Re: need a recipe
August 04, 2007, 09:45:42 PM
Is anyone ready to share the recipe for "Methodist Chicken"?  I love covered dish dinners, and our church (Methodist)  is notorious for
eating at the drop of a hat.   
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