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Bud likes his hiding place, hope you don't put it outside.
The Coffee Shop / Re: East Coast Happenings
June 12, 2013, 05:10:34 PM
Hope you are still okay.

I talked to my son yesterday, he was in Pennsylvania and it was raining but not bad.
We had a lot of rain yesterday when I had to be out driving in it, not fun.  Today has been hot but no rain.

I found a petunia that came up under the edge of the house, haven't had any there in three or four years.  Will dig it up and put where I can enjoy it.

I brought the two new kittens in and one of them ate the dry food but neither of them was interested in the canned food.  They are so cute, played with them for awhile and then put them back outside.
The Coffee Shop / Re: East Coast Happenings
June 08, 2013, 04:00:20 PM
I was hoping that you were okay.  That is a lot of rain but hoping you didn't have a lot of wind with it.

Have you tried putting boric acid down along the outside and inside of the walls where the trails are at.  Bugs don't like it but it doesn't hurt the plants you will be using the composted materials on.
Wilma, I bet scaring that man was the most fun you had all day.    Glad you had a good day.
The Coffee Shop / Re: East Coast Happenings
June 01, 2013, 09:21:20 PM
It was hot here today, turned the a/c on yesterday and it really feels good. 

I mowed the yard when I got back from vacation and am going to have to mow it again Monday, already high enough for the dogs to get lost in.

Found a snake this morning, first one I have seen in the yard in three or four years.  It was a good snake though, it was dead.  Don't know if the cats or the dog killed it.  I thought it was a worm, about three inches long till I saw that it had eyeballs.  Am watching much closer because there is probably a nest of them close to where that one was.
The Coffee Shop / Re: Tornado watch in KS. & OK
June 01, 2013, 09:15:07 PM
So glad everyone is okay.  I have a daughter in Grove, OK and she is okay. 
My dog's favorite place is on the ironing board in the sun, then I caught her pulling all the straight pins out of the pin cushion and throwing them on the floor.   Moved the pin cushion so she couldn't swallow a pin.  Put an old pillow case for her to lay on so I am not getting dog hair on my clothes when I iron.
The Coffee Shop / Re: East Coast Happenings
April 27, 2013, 10:52:04 PM
Now we have to wait for the sentencing.

I went to a Sawmill Festival today.  All of are towns here were started by sawmills.  They had a fire department there that is celebrating 50 years of service. 
The Coffee Shop / Re: East Coast Happenings
April 26, 2013, 08:17:21 PM
One of the little towns just south of me had a very bad reputation for stopping people on the State Highway for speeding and collecting fines that never quite made it where it was supposed to go.  The Texas Rangers finally stopped that and then last year the Texas Rangers and FBI paid the City Hall a visit and took the Mayor and two other off to jail.  They had the Mayors trial today and found her guilty of taking out loans on cars that the town didn't own.  I don't think they gave her enough time but at least she is out of a job.  And it was her birthday.
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