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I have been called as such!  ;D  I like well informed discussions.  The moniker should not scare you!   lol

The Coffee Shop / Re: I'm hard, but not unfair.... an apology
« on: May 01, 2011, 07:29:16 PM »
Hello:  I am Ready and I have been reading all of the posts in this forum for over one year (ok…I have only 3 areas that I read).  I just felt I needed to ask a few questions to all:

Do you realize that the Companies that sell you your gas (car/propane) buy in bulk with the projection of your usage?  (Like Star Propane….you enter into a contract for a set price and it is a contract)
   I am not versed in the Grocery marketing/ordering…however it can’t be much different (ergo, sales for meat going to expire, or vegetables that aren’t moved).
A homegrown tomato will be bought   at $.50 higher then Dillons based on the taste (ever had one of those pink/plactic tomatoes they sell in the winter?)

It’s  all about moving a product and the best PROFIT to the owner. A product that is worth it’s ‘weight in gold‘…so to speak

That is what is different with a local producer.  I might live in Wichita (pick a town)  and will gouge you at a 200% and you won’t be back. I don’t care….I made my money.
However, we in SE Kansas take the $.10/$.20 on the dollar and give you hometime service….you may come back, or tell others in the area.

Bulk buying is good.   Unfortunately the demand in Howard is low as to the high overhead from shipping charges of grocery trucks…and yes it is off 400 HWY.

Gimme home grown food without any pesticides and FDA control, and I will pay you what it is WORTH! 

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