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After hearing a street rumor (something common around these parts it seems), about M&W being closed, I spoke with the owner today about a welding project & was told that his land & building is for sale but the business is open.  I ask if the business was closing and was told no.  Mickey will be providing services as usual.  If the property sells, he expects to continue operations in the future.

Good thing as I've always received quality work at a fair price.
While we're on the topic of personal attacks, inaccurate or incomplete information presented as fact, unproductive drivel and positive solutions, perhaps if there were less 'crap' and inaccuracy in your dialogue there could actually be some discussion about Common Core, Federal intrusion into local education or uninformed elected officials drooling over bigger budgets and dwindling progress.  Take a look at the majority of your posts since joining the forum and help us see the social redeeming value in them (hopefully in a separate thread).

Quote from: Joesue23 on December 16, 2014, 11:10:12 AM
Ross you are as full of CRAP as Obuma and Redcliff.

Quote from: Joesue23 on November 18, 2014, 04:08:33 PM
Ross how many School boards have you been elected to. How many County Commisioner  positions have you served on. I am betting none, you are totally full of hot air. Everyone in ELK county that I have talked to told me you were totally full of CRAP.

Quote from: Joesue23 on October 29, 2014, 06:55:56 PM
If Teresa and Kjell wanted to improve the Forum and participation by many on many good subjects all they would have to do is Shut Ross, Redcliff and 3 or 4 of Rosses cronies off. Everyone I have talked to is afraid to post because Rosses gets so rude if he doesn't agree with them.  I hope all of the voters will vote their heart and vote against Ross and his lies. Ross has Elk Konnected on the  Brain. Most of the people he has claimed were "El Konnected" had nothing to do with it. Ross is the worst thing to come to Elk County in along time. I know lots of you have told my family and friends that you ignore Ross.

Didn't know Ross was running.  Oh, wait, he wasn't.

Quote from: Joesue23 on October 06, 2014, 08:49:50 AM
I don't honk very many people are going to any attention to what you, Ross or hillbilly say . What have any of you 3 do e to help or benefit Elk County. If you have heard of the 3 Stooges, well you are the 3 idiots.

Quote from: Joesue23 on August 24, 2014, 12:14:38 PM
If you listen to Ross blow, everyone that doesn't agree with him is part of Elk Konnected. I happen to know that Shari Kaminski has never had anything to do with Elk Konnected. All my family and friends in Elk County intend to vote for Shari. She is super sharp and her family are Ranchers and landowners in Elk County. Doug is not a landowner and what he farms is land owned by Shari's Aunt. Think about it what has Ross done for Elk County, NOTHING.


Quote from: Joesue23 on August 06, 2014, 08:56:27 AM
The best thing that could happen to Elk County is for Ross and Hillbilly to leave and go put their negative crap on another county. Shari is a really sharp person and she has held some very important jobs with Major Oil pipelines, she will do great as a County Commissioner.  Her husband is part of a very longtime prominent and successful ranching family in Elk county. Shari's Mother served Elk count for many years and did. Great job of it, Shari will do well Also.

Quote from: Joesue23 on June 24, 2014, 08:40:44 AM
How did Elk County end up with so many nut cases like this Ross and Redcliff. There must be some loco weed getting in your water system.
Quote from: Joesue23 on December 22, 2014, 01:51:24 PM
Ross you are an absolute idiot, no one on the forum has done even close to the Putdowns that you have.

Kettle calling the pot what?  And I resent the loss of that putdown distinction without a vote.  If one is going to preach pacifism, then shouldn't one be a tad more passive than those they criticize?

Quote from: Joesue23 on December 22, 2014, 01:51:24 PM
From the first time you got on the Forum until now you have lied, made up crap about everyone from the schoolboard, county commissioners...

Except when the information presented was factual, accurate and worthy of a non-emotional review.

Quote from: Joesue23 on December 22, 2014, 01:51:24 PM
You are without a doubt the worst thing that has happened to Elk County.

I'm not so sure... flooding, ice storms, lightening strikes and out of control fires have taken a fairly large toll.  And over a much greater time period to boot.

Quote from: Joesue23 on December 22, 2014, 01:51:24 PM
I own property and pay taxes in Elk County...

Hip, hip, hooray!  And so do a lot of other folks... including those you flame so profusely.

Quote from: Joesue23 on December 22, 2014, 01:51:24 PM
... have thought about moving there but  you  make me hesitant to do so.

C'mon down!  There's always room for one more.  Heck, you might even be able to help the shrinking population, dwindling economy or solve the age old 'bad roads' argument.

Quote from: Joesue23 on December 22, 2014, 01:51:24 PM
I am not defending Diane...

Uh huh.

Quote from: Joesue23 on December 22, 2014, 01:51:24 PM
.. I just tired of your trash and lies.

And his poor grammar & written form, I suspect.  Now, how about you try to correct those lies and 'trash' with some verifiable facts.
Politics / Re: Re-elect who? I'm in!
October 17, 2014, 08:46:12 AM
Just in case some hairsplitter asks....

Since this movement appears to be grass roots, I contacted Commissioner Ritz and asked him if he would accept the position if re-elected.  He said he would gladly, without reservation.

That being the case....

For 2014...
Write in Doug Ritz,
Elk County District 1 Commissioner
Politics / Re: District 1, County Commission
October 13, 2014, 08:20:13 PM
Quote from: Gadsden1775 on October 13, 2014, 06:50:17 PM
Individuals have also seen this reduction in taxes and I challenge anyone to go to the courthouse and check for themselves. Go and find out how much you paid in property taxes for the past 4 or 5 years and tell me that it hasn't gone down!...

Yes.  And be sure to look at the tax breakdowns.  It seems the two major school boards have been working hard to keep overall rates UP.    For example in 2013 alone, the county had a 10.91% mill (2.14% dollar) DECREASE.  But West Elk schools had a 2.15% mill (22.09% dollar) INCREASE!  In spite of receiving more state special assistance funds than most other school districts in Kansas.  Yet standardized test scores continue to fall, and the numbers of kids going on to college hovers around 20%. Of course, the school board is still very active in chasing the EK agendas and placing their emphasis on new gymnasiums, ball field watering systems & non-teaching staff instead of curriculum & teacher pay.  Go figure.

Quote from: Gadsden1775 on October 13, 2014, 06:50:17 PM
...At the Elk County Free Fair candidate forum debate between Kaminska and Ritz, Kaminska stood there in front of God and everybody and said that "taxes will be raised because it has to be done"! WHY DO TAXES HAVE TO BE RAISED?...

Sounds very much like the Democrat process followed for decades:  TAX and SPEND.  Especially on social programs that have been shown to produce very little in the way of growth & prosperity and very much in the way of unintended negative consequences & bigger government!

Of course, Elk citizens, it's only money.  YOUR money, but only money.

Politics / Re: District 1, County Commission
October 07, 2014, 11:01:20 AM
Now, how about some thoughts on the original flavor of this thread.  I, for one, agree with much of what Gadsden said in the original post on this thread.

Quote from: Gadsden1775 on August 08, 2014, 03:41:33 PM
We have heard several of the oldtimers calling the newcomers to our county "OUTSIDERS". Those "outsiders" work and pay taxes. Those "outsiders" VOTE! Those "outsiders" want a good life for themselves and their families. Those "outsiders" came to Elk County for the same reason we live here and for the same reason that OUR ancestors were "OUTSIDERS" so many decades ago.

There is a hypocrisy among people in this county that cannot be overlooked. The same people who call newcomers OUTSIDERS will welcome (with open arms) someone who hasn't lived in the county for 25 years yet still believe that someone is an outsider because they weren't born or raised here. Think about it: just how many years did it take YOUR family to not be an OUTSIDER when they moved here?

Voting is not a pageant. You shouldn't vote for a person because you knew their mother; their grandfather. You shouldn't vote for a person because "Oh, I knew them in high school" or "He/She was cute and waved at me once." Look at the ISSUES and concern your thoughts there! Look at who they surround themselves with and what influence those "friends" may have on their decisions and voting. Look at how "konnected" they are. Look at what someones' morals tell you about what they will do to your county.

When you CARE about your county/community, your actions speak for themselves. You don't have to pound your chest and pat your back about all that you volunteer for and do. Rural firefighters put their lives on the line to save houses, property and LIVES. They don't get paid for it. Most don't even get thanks for it. I believe that putting your life on the line for your neighbors trumps just about any other "volunteering" one can do...

(Emphasis added)
Politics / Re: District 1, County Commission
October 07, 2014, 10:44:51 AM
The difference between some posters on here and the Cub Scouts.... Adult Supervision!

Quote from: Joesue23 on October 06, 2014, 08:49:50 AM
I don't honk very many people are going to any attention to what you, Ross or hillbilly say . What have any of you 3 do e to help or benefit Elk County. If you have heard of the 3 Stooges, well you are the 3 idiots.

Quote from: ROSS on October 06, 2014, 08:22:42 PM
...But you never answered mine.
What kind of a name is JoeSue"
Is that transexual?
Or is it transvite?
Really what does that represent?
I wish you would answer, so I am not confused. Thank in advance.

Quote from: frawin on October 07, 2014, 08:20:24 AM
Why would anyone care what you think, you are totally unamerican, given the negative comments you have made about the American Flag, which is a symbol of this great Nation. It is used to honor all of the Men And Women that have given their lives to protect freedom around the world.

Really, people?  This election may well spell a small disaster for a county that is fading into obscurity, and all some of you can do is throw rocks at each other.  I would think looking at issues, candidate experience & agendas might be healthier & more productive.

It's not the name of the group (i.e. Elk Konnected or the Kiwanas) But rather the policies supported by folks and the histories of those policies that really matter.  Ultimately, if the electorate are uninformed or 'low information' people, the policies, capabilities & agendas of any haphazardly elected official are extremely important.

Just because a candidate's significant other made threatening gestures toward me in a public venue I am still going to make my voting choice on the experience of, stated objectives of and/or track record of the candidate.  Their choice of a lifemate is only an indication of their decision making ability and therefore only one part of my assessment of their suitability for the position they seek.

Let's stick to issues and facts, if we can.  Doing so is much more helpful and mature.  Inaccurate information like this is not very useful...

Quote from: Joesue23 on August 24, 2014, 12:14:38 PM
Doug is not a landowner...

A check of public records, would show that Ritz is, in fact, a land owner... in two counties, including Elk.  Diligence would dictate better research before casting a negative light on someone just to try & score 'poster' points on this forum.  The gotcha game gains nothing and says volumes about the player(s).

Can we at least try to exhibit some self discipline as matters of county management can have real impact on lots of people.

Politics / Re: District 1, County Commission
October 03, 2014, 11:42:33 AM
Quote from: kshillbillys on October 02, 2014, 05:39:52 PM
I would like to know what 4 industries she is planning on bringing to Longton, KS. I remember her saying that but she never did enlighten anyone on what those industries were.

Possibilities include:

1.  Blacksmith's shop
2.  Farrier service
3.  Haberdashery
4.  Saloon w/Hotel
5.  Ice house
6.  Wheelwright service

All are forward looking opportunities in a growing economy utilizing needed local skills.

Or maybe she's bidding to get an Amazon Distribution Center.. Oh, wait... they just turned down a 10 million dollar 'incentive' to retain their Coffeyville center so they can relocate to Texas.

The problem is, when you ask.. she dodges like a true politician.  But seniors do love the regular, pre-election visits.  You've heard of Windows 7.0 & 8.0, well welcome to Liz 2.0. Good luck, District 1.

Politics / Re: District 1, County Commission
August 08, 2014, 10:50:49 PM
Quote from: The Raven on August 08, 2014, 07:18:15 PM
I voted for Shari because she is an old family friend. I had read the post about the candidate forum at the fair, but did not believe it until earlier today. I was having coffee with my grandmother and her friend and they were talking about some comments made at the fair...

Finally, a 'revitalization plan' that makes sense!

If voters would take the time to inform themselves, the whole country might be better off.  I've watched the county commission up close for over 3 years.  Since Mr. Hebb (a fiscal conservative, it seems) was elected, he and Mr. Ritz have managed to accomplish a few things of significant import....

1.  The county property tax mill levy has been reduced from 124+ (the highest rate in Kansas) to just over 103 mills...  a REDUCTION of almost 17%.  All while surrounding counties are burdening their residents with higher taxes.
2.  A reduction in long term county debt from over $800,000 to just over $200,000.
3.  The procurement of hundreds of thousands of dollars in FEMA road money.
4.  Substantial cost controls.
5.  A much needed and PAID FOR handicap parking area on the west side of the courthouse (near the elevator).
6.  An almost complete stop to the expenditure of taxpayer funds to support the private programs run by community organizers... who have, by the way created only two (2) FAILED businesses in the county.
7.  Completion of substantial road improvements and bridge repairs that contribute greatly to the safety of those traveling county roads.
8.  The reallocation of liquor tax receipts out of the hands of county 'officials' and into the control of city governments for the explicit (required by state law) purpose of creating and supporting recreational activities/programs/facilities (mostly for the youth).  These funds are distributed quarterly and will amount to significant amounts over time.
9.  The elimination of county tax dollars used to perform accounting & disbursal of payments to a private trash service for residents inside city limits only (a function of city government).
10.  The reversal of a Revitalization Plan that declared the ENTIRE county as blighted (even lands with really nice facilities already in place) resulting in substantial property tax breaks for substantial new construction. Can you say 'tax breaks for the wealthy'?  And did you know that a 'special' few of those who were to benefit were allowed to apply for the program BEFORE it was initially enacted in violation of state law.  Level playing field, my foot.
11.  A common sense (and less expensive) correction of deficiencies in water supplies to the courthouse.
12.  Changes in internal courthouse operations/processes that have resulted in a higher moral among many county employees an thus likely better customer service.
13.  Honest reviews of employee performance that forces substantial under-performers to be more accountable.
14.  A reduction of 'executive sessions' held by the county commission (many of which we regarding matters that were required by state law to be open to the public.  This achieves a more transparent government, and greater accountability to the voters and taxpayers.  Unlike Mr Ritz' 'opposition' who as a private citizen actually asked for a secret executive session during the public forum of a recent commission meeting... in absolute violation of the Kansas Open Meetings Act.  And THIS is a would be commissioner??? Talk about thinking one is 'privileged!
15.  Repeated solicitation of and action on valid legal advice from the County Counselor resulting in sound decision making. As opposed to previous commissions who 'did things blindly' and wasted time & money fixing it later.
16.  Controlled use of the wind farm PILOT proceeds.  Taking time to develop planned use of those funds as opposed to filling the whimsical desires of a few for special interests or to solve the poor management problems of a few city government officials.  It's noteworthy to observe that only PART of the PILOT funds have been used to obtain the tax rate reductions that are being seen.

All this in just three years.  A darned good start to reversing the negative trends caused by years of poor or ineffective management by former spendthrift or special interest driven commissions.

And, after hearing & seeing first hand, Ms Canon/Kominska's non-specific return to the failed policies of faux 'economic development', wasteful spending of taxpayer monies and uninformed position of lawful county operations, I, too, will be lending my support to a write-in vote for Mr. Douglas C. Ritz for District 1 County Commissioner seat on November 4th.

I hope many other District 1 voters will get the real facts, provable on paper, and will do the same.  This isn't a popularity contest for the high school prom!  This is for your future and that of your children and grandchildren.  Please get your facts straight and VOTE for your future... not a return to past failings.

Elk County is a great place and has been improving in the last three years.  Perhaps more slowly than we might like, but moving forward is far better than going into reverse!  As Grandpa used to say, "Rome wasn't built in a day."

I would like to see Elk County continue its recent turn around and become an example to our Kansas neighbors.  I believe that a solid write-in vote for Doug Ritz for District 1 County Commissioner is a solid step in that direction.

Out of the Ashes

Looks like something around only half of that site contains useable information.  And much of that is outdated, poorly formatted or incomplete. 

And yes, that appears to be a 'cookie cutter' website. The template is provided by a service provider and the user just adds content.  Shake n Bake at its best.  In this case, it looks like the 'provider' is the Kansas Rural Water Association.  As a way to raise revenue, the KRWA is offering this 'service' for $500 up front and then $100/year.  Here,look for yourself:

The catch... you gotta keep the content filled in & fresh.  Not unlike that thing the county was sold several years back (for a much higher cost, of course).  And I suspect that the same employee was behind both projects.

I did notice the employee page contains a couple of names that are no longer in their referenced positions.... for very different reasons.

I wonder if they could employ a high school student with interests & aptitudes in such technology to keep the thing current.  It sure would reflect more favorably on the city.

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