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Welcome Gabriel.
Check out the "Good ole Days' Category.  Lots of pictures and stories there!
Politics / Re: Why Get Vaccinated?
February 05, 2021, 10:41:56 AM
Wakeup:  Help me to understand that if, your body your choice not to support a business that wishes you wear a mask or demands you do, why would you inflict your opinion on others to do the same? 

Politics / Re: Why Get Vaccinated?
February 04, 2021, 05:49:24 AM
Wow!  great discussion on both sides.
My feeling is:  I don't want to be responsible for my or anyone's sickness.  I will do my part of the mask, as it not a big thing to me.  As far as the shots I will wait until all of those who wish to have it, get it.
Damned if we do and damed if we don't.  This thing is so new, is it better to wait until all the facts are in before we act? Or act without all the facts?

I will follow science and I believe they are working as fast as they can.
OSHA is a good thing, but I believe they inserted some opinion into that article.  As their disclaimer satates, they are not endorsing any third party links.

This generation is a me, me, me  group.  I need to introduce them to my cousin: 
Buck...the system!

Keep up the refreshing to not get angry anymore when discussing.

ready be vaccinated.
The Coffee Shop / Re: East Coast Happenings
June 20, 2018, 01:11:57 PM
You've never had a 'rash' of red ones????   lol
The Coffee Shop / Re: East Coast Happenings
June 19, 2018, 04:53:05 AM
That did not come out right.
Where you live is exciting for me, as I have never been east of Tennessee.  Keep writing.
I read Observations and the Obits to let others know that might not be aware.

Keep writing. quit while ahead
The Coffee Shop / Re: East Coast Happenings
June 18, 2018, 08:03:08 PM
I may not agree with you Diane, however I do check the obits daily...I always go by the thumb of rule:  "If you start to feel the heat you will get burnt if you jump right in"  (well I made that up), but I think it comes to all subjects that are biased/twisted truths  or just flat out inflammatory. 
And that goes for tomatoes!!!!!!!    ;D eat my words
The Coffee Shop / Re: Merry Christmas
December 24, 2017, 11:33:18 PM
Merry Christmas to you too, Gray.
Merry Christmas to all!
And to all, a Good night.
ready...... for sugar plums to dance in my head!

(that's kid speak for dreams, people!  Don't read into it!   lol)

Miscellaneous / Re: Observations
September 06, 2017, 08:10:40 PM
Put one cup of today's coffee in a mug...write down the size of cup and how many ounces.
Then place into a microwave with the handle facing you.
Punch or hit 1 minute and watch how many times it circles untill the goes off and notice where the handle is pointing.

Drink coffee and do the same for various sizes of cups.

(If you have an 'elder' microwave that doesn't spin, then disregard the above)
(I have yet to find the ratio of ounces/sizes of cup and assorted variables that would reproduce the full 360 turnaround of a perfectly hot cup of coffee in 1 minute.

Please advise the secret!
Otherwise, who cares about TV...get a life!   lol
See above!

ready....for bed, not's late and I am old.
The Coffee Shop / Re: cow owners
August 26, 2017, 06:51:07 PM
I agree other then I think they don't care about their herd.
I agree that one cow/calf/bull is money.  I always tell the herd owner when their cows are is what people do.

That being said, this forum has taught me that everyone on this forum, and those that are in elected areas are .....???  not thoughtful????

enough said..
ready roundup some cattle owners on my own and ....
The Coffee Shop / cow owners
August 26, 2017, 04:04:47 PM
NOt my cow, and not my problem...
Back story: fence has a weak spot...cows get on neighbors.
Owner calls cow owners to please put back as their fence is weak (5 times that I know of) so....if a cow comes to her pasture (there is a weak fence, never been fixed as they don't care to fix it) on a regular basis to eat the brome, fescue, hay that the owner of said cow eats...and mows for hay....and is pregnant. The owner said I will send a guy to shoot it...The guy won't because it is pregnant...and knows where the hole in the fence is....can it be now her cow????If she fixes the fence and keeps the cow and it hers?
No contract for the hay that this cow is eating...only a handshake (that is what we do)
Farmers, please respond.
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