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The Coffee Shop / Debate Over Windfarms
August 04, 2015, 06:17:56 PM
I see the debate over the Windfarms  is rearing its head. The debate is being caused by low priced oil and Natural Gas.The oil and gas industry wants the generating companies to use more Oil and Gas to generate Power. The Windfarm people are saying the Oil and Gas  Generating Plants are Polluting the Atmosphere, and keeping the Price OF Hydrocarbon Fuels  such as Gasoline and Diesel higher.I personally think the Windfarms are great, Cleaner and make sense.
Politics / How do I Block somebody
August 01, 2015, 08:42:26 AM
Would one of you that is in the know, post Exactly how to block someone that you don't want to see their posts. I have read how but haven't been able toget it right. I want to Block Ross and Redcliffe.
If Teresa and Kjell wanted to improve the Forum and participation by many on many good subjects all they would have to do is Shut Ross, Redcliff and 3 or 4 of Rosses cronies off. Everyone I have talked to is afraid to post because Rosses gets so rude if he doesn't agree with them.  I hope all of the voters will vote their heart and vote against Ross and his lies. Ross has Elk Konnected on the  Brain. Most of the people he has claimed were "El Konnected" had nothing to do with it. Ross is the worst thing to come to Elk County in along time. I know lots of you have told my family and friends that you ignore Ross.
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