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The Coffee Shop / Trip through home area
« on: April 04, 2009, 07:39:35 PM »
My wife and I were coming back home to Parsons from a library conference in Wichita and decided to drop down to my old stomping grounds and look around. We drove by the new addition of the library and blocked traffic awhile looking at it. Then we drove by my old houses on second and third street. The house on 2nd is now a new house across the street from a new house where my Aunt Alice and Uncle Ben lived. The house on 3rd now has lost the out buildings that were there to mark the place last time. Now it is just one big garden spot. It's funny when you see things grown up. You thought at the time they were a lot bigger. We ate lunch at the Swinging Bridge Cafe and stuffed ourselves. We were barely able to walk but we checked out the gift shop and asked to see some of the rooms. We got to see the rose and bear rooms. They are really nice. Then back on the road, but not before my wife noticed the open house sign for Trigg's greenhouse in Elk Falls. So, we had to fill our trunk with plants to bring home. I don't know if I can bring my wife back that way again. It costs too much money! HA! Last stop was to see what the Longton Cafe was and to drive by what my family calls the Gone with the Wind Mansion in Longton. We were pleasantly surprised to see all of the improvements with the park. Way to go Longton! Seriously it was so good to come back through. There is something about the place that calms my heart and gives me peace.

Obituaries / Have lists
« on: April 19, 2007, 10:06:14 AM »
I don't know that it will be of any help to anyone, but I have copies of the tombstone inscriptions from the County Clerk's office for Oak Valley, Busby, Longton and Elk Falls. If anyone needs information from them, just let me know.


Obituaries / ZOLLARS, John and Mary (Cayton) - A Valentine Obituary
« on: February 10, 2007, 08:06:32 PM »
In honor of Valentine's day, I submit the following. These are my gggrandparents and their story has come down through the generations. It has always been the best example of married love that I have had.

Thursday, March 31, 1887

John Zollars: Died Friday morning at about 8 1/2 o'clock at his residence in the city, aged 79 years. His death was the result of paralysis.
The deceased was a native of Pennsylvania and was born in 1808. He moved to Ohio and married Miss Mary Cayton (actually spelled Caton), who preceded him to the grave only a few hours. He was a member of the first Grand Jury in DeWitt County, Illinois. In the fall of '72 he removed with his family to Wilson County, Kansas and finally to this place. He was a member of the Masonic Order and attended until he became so feeble that he could do so no longer. In 1875, the dread disease paralysis laid hold of him. In 1880 a second stroke prostrated him and finally came the third stroke past Thursday which caused the old gentleman's death. He was councious until almost the last, inquiring, "who would dig the grave for mother?"

Mary Zollars: Died Thursday evening, having been ill for sometime, aged about 70 years.
Mrs. Zollars was a native of Ohio was born in 1818. She was a loving faithful helpmate to her husband whose death followed hers in a very few hours. They were the parents of 13 children, four of whom are dead and six are living here. The remainder are scattered throughout the United States. Mrs. Zollars was a faithful member of the Methodist Church for over 20 years.
The Longton Times
Friday, April 1, 1887
Died at their home in this city on Thursday night, Mrs. Mary Zollars, of pneumonia and Friday, Mr. John Zollars, of paralysis. Mr. Zollars was 79 years old and Mrs. Zollars was 69 years old at the time of their death. They were married in June, 1834, and had a wedded life of 52 years and 9 months, and died just ten hours apart, and were buried in the same grave in Longton Cemetery. The remains were followed to their last resting place by a large procession.

In addition to the quote above, the family story goes that Grandpa John asked the boys , "Who will dig the grave for Mother?" They assured him that they would. Then he told them, "Well dig it deep enough for two because I am going to join Mother." I have one of his canes made from a hickory stick and a brass hame. It used to have a gunshell on the end, but it is gone now.

The Good Old Days / Baseball at Longton
« on: January 23, 2007, 09:14:21 AM »
My aunts and uncles say that my Grandpa Zollars played town ball at Longton which was semipro. They say that he was a pretty good catcher. Did they have town teams? Were they semi-pro? Are you sorry that you allowed me to sign on and ask so many questions? HA!


Obituaries / YOUNGER, Anna
« on: January 23, 2007, 09:12:05 AM »
One of the stories of my Reynolds side that cannot be confirmed is that one of my grandma's sisters married an outlaw. Depending on which relative you ask, it was either one of the James boys or one of the Younger boys. Supposedly she is buried in the Longton cemetery and relatives claim to have seen the tombstone. My wife and I have walked most of the cemetery, if not all of it, over the years and have yet to find the elusive woman. Supposedly in the early 1900's Grandpa Matt and Grandma Minnie Zollars went to Kansas City to pick up this lady and bring her back to Longton.  Any history buffs with ideas on this one? This is just one of the lingering questions with this family.


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