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Judy if you need anything just call me....well unless it is money!!! Good luck and hurry back love to read your posts.
Politics / Re: Speaking of crap from Delaware...
July 23, 2013, 05:01:23 PM
Politics / Re: Guns - American Style
January 16, 2013, 05:16:52 PM
Politics / Re: Guns - American Style
January 07, 2013, 09:35:01 PM
Diane I set back and read the things that you type all over Elk County forum and you make me sick!!!! You think you would fill your admirer's in Delaware with all of your BS....well maybe you feed Elk County full of your BS because no one there will listen to you!! You call people out and oh my everyone is picking on me BS is getting old....didn't you say somewhere that you were going to stay on facebook bc everyone there is nice?? Ok Diane go to facebook and keep your cry baby arse off of our forum. You don't live here so butt the hell out...or you can read but just shut the hell up!!! PS. If you ever shoot Jar aka my father you can probably count on 3 ks daughter's of Jar's hunting your ass down......PS we know how to shoot a gun also taught by our father whom we are very proud of that would be Mr. Jarhead to my friend.....Jar's oldest daughter....oh yea you act so damn smart on here and like we are a bunch of hicks in the sticks but I have to agree with oldtimer you are an idiot...and another thing dummy diane we know cars don't kill people the drivers do.....well guns don't kill people....people do!!! :o...sorry if I offended anyone but I have read all of dummy diane that I could take without blasting off on her.
The Coffee Shop / Re: The City of Howard, Shame!!!
August 25, 2011, 06:41:58 AM
i have to agree with david on this one as a four county employee the poeple who are on disability still have a huge struggle. SSI which pays on a needs based is for people who have not enough work credits to draw SSDI which is you have enough work credits and you earned what you draw from social security. the cap on what a person on SSI can draw per month is $674.00 per month and they usually get under $50.00 per month in food stamps. doesn't sound so glamours too me. then here is an example for you i worked with a patient who worked all his lifeand his SSDI check was $1500.00 a month,but because he was under retirement age he had to wait 2 years for Medicare insurance. he was eligible for a medical card but he had a $5,600.00 spindown every 6 months before his medical would pay. i guess my point is that disability is not as glamorous as some think it is. Now for my personal opinion after looking at the names that recieve farmers welfare checks they are living the glamorous life. i mean where else could you work that you get paid to set in the local cafe and drink coffee most of the day and get paid thousands for running a business that is a failure year after year? now that is the type of welfare check i want to get!!!!!
well shucks judy i thought i was going to save the day for you but i should have known you had already tried that stuff. i get to have a stress test tomorrow for my heart and then on wednesday have my total knee replacement surgery. it was supposed to be last week but a mistake was made and they had me come in for a treadmill test well after they seen me walking with my walker they said no treadmill. my heart broke and i cried and begged them to let me try but i lost the battle. i am ready to get my new knee and get moving without so much pain. my husband and ronni are all ready to walk mom everyday! think i will walk my boxer so he can pull me most of the walk!! so glad your home get well soon!
well julie you snide remark about everyone being fat, lazy, and all the other negative things you said about the rest of us in elk county is a real good reason to not support your business. i will keep my fat, lazy butt shopping at the LONGTON GROCERY store where they have friendly service. you have me thinking about joining the fitness center in independence too, where people don't label me fat and lazy. with the price of gas my fat, lazy arse will head east with my money. thanks for reminding me of your friendly customer service!!
judy there is an over the conter stuff called biotene i found at wallgreens for dry mouth that is for people who have a lack of saliva or dry mouth from meds. glad your okay
I remember dad telling us this story and we would laugh so hard. It must of run in the family because Brenda and I spent the night with aunt Robby her and Brenda McFerson used to do the same thing to us after a train went through. Robby lived with gma and gpa where my jarhead dad and mom live and of course there were really scarey hobo's that seemed to get off the train in Longton looking for little girls. Brenda and I would end up running to sleep with gma Bonnie so she would protect us! That was a wonderful but scary memory.
Miscellaneous / Re: A well written police report
March 28, 2011, 09:22:22 PM
I love this story!! Seems to me that our country would be the best with a Marine on every corner!!! Way to go Marines!!!!
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