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Politics / Re: Political Opinions from the East Coast
October 24, 2015, 10:29:29 AM
Diane you and all of the Forum knows that you are lying because Ross said you were and Ross is never wrong.         
Now watch him come after me , he will say I am lying next, or he will have some other rude remarks to make. Diane just keep on keeping on, my guess is more people read your posts  than they do Ross or Redcliffs.
Red, you are as full of crap as Ross is. My husband is an exMarine and served his time defending the Flag and fhis country. My husband is prepared to use those guns to Protect his family and this country. He has lots of Ammo and weapons and is really good at using them. My guess is you will be among the first cowards to run and hide or give up.
Blab on Toss nearly everyone that reads the Forum knows that you are an expert on everything, at least you think you are. Don't you see all the damage you have done to the Forum. It is obvious you don't care. My husband and my Family are bigger gun owners by far than you are or that you will ever be.
Toss as usual you missed the main point, I know a lot of people without Degrees that have no common sense. My point was that people with an Education normally make better money, that stands to reason why. Again you missed the whole point, thankfully due to Scholarships, Grants and other sources many people who could not otherwise afford it can get a good education. I know some very prominent Doctors , Engineers and others that came from families that were far from wealthy and they got an education because other people give money for Scholarships and the like. As usual you try to find the dark side of everything. Good night all

The Coffee Shop / Re: Who Is ROSS?
October 18, 2015, 07:07:16 AM
Frawin, don't you know Toss is perfect, the devil will get you for crossing him.Toss is the South End of a Jackass going North, that is a compliment to him.
The Coffee Shop / Re: Who Is ROSS?
October 18, 2015, 05:26:38 AM
Frawin, Toss is going to be after you for sure, you are going to get eat out big time for what you said. Don't you know that no one has the right to disagree with Toss, this is his Forum, he has run all but 2 or 3 posters away. Better watch out.
The Coffee Shop / Re: Who Is ROSS?
October 17, 2015, 11:35:00 AM
Boy everybody is really quiet, I am guessing you are all afraid Toss will chew you up if you post anything. I guess Waldo, Proelkco, and Diane are the only ones not afraid of old nasty Toss.
Politics / Re: Political Opinions from the East Coast
October 16, 2015, 01:31:04 PM
Waldo don't you know that Toss is never wrong, what is the matter with you. He will be after you next. Your Family on both sides were Elk County Pioneers and you spent a lot of time there but you don't know everything that Toss knows.
Toss you post the same old bad mouthing crap about anyone that disagrees with you. You refuse to accept that you have ruined the Forum for so many. According to you' you are never wrong, even after people have proved you wrong. Now bad mouth me some more.
Several people have asked me why I posted the same thing twice about Toss, it was because I felt it was important to say what I said. Now watch Toss run me down about not knowing things.
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