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The Coffee Shop / Re: Soap Box Day Today
« on: July 19, 2007, 04:13:07 PM »
To Diane Amberg and all other interested recyclers.

What happens to our recycled materials?

Aluminum cans we crush and truck to Commercial Metals in Independence. Cardboard we bale and store until we have 32 bales or more and then contact a company (name and location not personal knowledge) then they schedule a semi to come pick it up. They deduct trans costs etc. but present the County with a nice check for our efforts.

The balance of the material we collect:  plastics, newspaper, mixed paper, steel cans. magazines, and glass we haul to the area recycling center in El Dorado. And donate to their collection.

I am certain that their facility DOES NOT TOSS IT IN A LANDFILL. I feel certain some enterprising individual has found buyers for alllof the material they have us bring to them, What makes me so sure is the fact that I've witnessed City of El Dorado trash trucks bring material in to off load at the center. I'm not sure of the mechanics of trash collection in El Dorado and how sorting of materials happens, but I am sure they wouldn't waste their time pulling one over on the hicks from Elk Co.

Take the time to sort out your stuff and recycle. It can and will make a difference in our tipping fees and eventually save us as taxpayers money.

Woluldn't it be nice to set up an area recycling center for Elk, Montgomery and Chautauqua Co.s and sell everything we collect? It could happen.

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