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Thanks for the good wishes.  It was a beautiful day for a laid back Birthday.  A big thanks to my friends at the Sweet & Spicy for a great Birthday Lunch.
Thanks everyone.  Spent my day out at the Rode Grounds in Moline at the Kids Play Day Rodeo.  I am really gettin' the hang of working the stop watch.  I am so greatful that I live here in Elk Co.
Genealogy / Descendants of John Cleveland McKey
May 02, 2012, 06:54:20 PM
If anyone knows any of the descendants of a John Cleveland McKey have them contact me if they are interested in a couple of old photos of this person.  Roma Jean Turner  Love to unite old pictures to their families.
Thank you Diane.   Just a corrections:  Marian's  mother was Evelyn (Cleveland) Turner Dobbins.
Thank you.  We are at peace with it and most importantly, finally she is at peace.  Bev and I made all the arrangements at Zimmermans in Howard today.  Tony is just great to work with.  We will do a graveside service at 2:00 Thursday afternoon at the Moline Cemetery.
Marian (Turner) Johnson passed away this morning in Wichita.  She graduated from high school In Moline.  Her father was Laurence Turner. He was the County Attorney a number of years ago. Marian and I were cousins.  More information will be available tomorrow.
Greetings, Birthdays & Anniversaries / MERRY CHRISTMAS
December 23, 2011, 07:41:47 PM
I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of you on the Forum a Merry, Merry and Blessed Christmas.
The real point of this isn't showers  etc.  It is once more we have someone using the Forum to single out another citizen and stir up potential problems for them and their livlihood.  You got a beef with the sheriff..walk down the street,  ring the bell and have a chat.  Man to man.
Or then someone might have noticed his truck parked in front of his house while he was taking his 10 minute shower and accuse him of sitting at home when he should have been on duty and then created problems for him because they wouldn't have known he needed to" look better" for the Festival.  Like Steve says, we don't know what they encountered that day.  And now you want to suggest we might need to vote someone out of office over this? 
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