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Title: Issues With PCR Test Known Years Ago
Post by: Wake-up! on February 21, 2021, 09:59:07 AM
From the New York Times in 2007.

“. . . . nearly everyone involved thought the medical center had had a huge whooping cough outbreak, with extensive ramifications. Nearly 1,000 health care workers at the hospital in Lebanon, N.H., were given a preliminary test and furloughed from work until their results were in; 142 people, including Dr. Herndon, were told they appeared to have the disease; and thousands were given antibiotics and a vaccine for protection. Hospital beds were taken out of commission, including some in intensive care.”

“Then, about eight months later, health care workers were dumbfounded to receive an e-mail message from the hospital administration informing them that the whole thing was a false alarm.”

“Now, as they look back on the episode, epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists say the problem was that they placed too much faith in a quick and highly sensitive molecular test [PCR] that led them astray.”

Here's the rest of the article;  https://www.lewrockwell.com/2021/02/jon-rappoport/the-ny-times-recalls-an-outbreak-of-pcr-lies/