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Title: Thought US “History” in Public School Couldn’t Get Any Worse? . . .
Post by: redcliffsw on August 06, 2014, 08:37:10 AM

The current Marxist administration, as well as past administrations and future ones, wants to totally control all aspects of our lives and education is one of the biggest of those aspects. If your kids don’t think along the lines the ruling elite desire for them, they might ask embarrassing questions, might even question the right of “authority” to do certain things. Might even become “low-level terrorists” who are guilty of “thought crime.” However, if you are willing to sign on with Commie Core, excuse me, I should have said Common Core, why all that can be avoided and your kids can be educated to become docile little servants of the World System.

Public “education” in this country as always been leftist and anti-Christian. This is nothing new, but the leftists have now reached a point where they feel they can totally rewrite the history and most of America’s parents won’t know the difference.
-Al Benson, Jr.