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Title: Terrier wins Best in Show at Westminster... AGAIN!!!
Post by: Warph on February 14, 2014, 11:04:08 PM


On Tuesday a Terrier won the Westminster dog show.  AGAIN!!  It is the 46th time out of the 104 awards since 1907 that a dog of that breed has been awarded Best in Show at Westminster.  That's more times than the New York Yankees have won the World Series.... and we all know how sick we are of that happening.

Well, just imagine how fed up all the other breeds in the dog world must be. Year in and year out, they work their tails off... some literally...to please a bunch of snooty, elitist judges who inevitably pass them over in order to pin the blue ribbon on some bitch with a shinier coat.

This outrageous canine breedism must end!  Bigot

Don't believe me?  Here are a list of dog breeds who have never been honored with the top prize at Westminster:

•Labrador Retriever
•Golden Retriever
•Great Dane
•Boston Terrier
•Shih Tzu
Additionally, only one Pug and one German Shepard have been so honored in Westminster history.  This is absolutely criminal.

So what is it about Terriers that has led dog show judges to favor them so heavily while relegating some of America's favorite breeds to the back of the proverbial grooming truck?  Frankly, I have no idea what dog show judges take into account when deciding who is awarded prizes at dog competitions.  If it were up to me, I'd give every dog ten points for not relieving themselves on stage and then award the ribbon to whichever dog I thought was the most adorable.

Despite the fact that I have absolutely no qualifications to speak knowledgeably about this matter, today I'm calling for civil rights leaders to address this odious pattern of breed inequality. and petition the Westminster Dog Show to strip this year's winner of its title and bestow it upon a competitor whose breed has never won before.  Dog show inequality will only end once we stop denying that "Terrier Privilege" actually exists....Warph