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What Are You Doing For Excitement Today?

Started by Wilma, September 04, 2009, 07:36:31 AM

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Diane Amberg

I like yellow too. My previous kitchen had cheery yellow walls and the downstairs powder room here does too.

Ms Bear

This yellow is a bit more than a cheery yellow.   I am beginning to like it though.  It is kind of "you have to see it to believe it".  I have never had anything but white in the kitchen so it is really different for me.

It has become a topic for discussion among some of my friends.

Judy Harder

Nothing wrong with yellow........Unless you are my mother..............she hated yellow with a passion.
she saw yellow on any of us and she would go ape! Dad bought her a yellow blouse and she let him have it
and when she died and I was going through her jackets to find one to wear when I was up there, he still
commented on how she hated yellow and gave him "HECK!" when he slipped and bought it.

I once liked terra-cotta..........well it looked nice on the outside of a house, or even in flower-pots.....It did not go
well in a kitchen...............which, I got bored and couldn't sleep so one night I started painting my built-in's a nice
terra-cotta that I had on hand and yes it was small enough that it was done in a couple of hours. NOW, I should say I
was renting and the landlord was ok with me painting.......but, after the fact none of us could stand it........Big Mistake.
Terra cotta is nice in a small spot, not a whole kitchen.

You paint what ever you like, I can't have any color but government white here and altho they say I can repaint if I want,  my arms and hands aren't able to hold a brush long enough and not my forte`this place hasn't had a redo since I moved in that was 1992 and it has been lived in....LOL
Enjoying the heck out of all of your postings this morning. Thanks for the ride-along.
Today, I want to make a difference.
Here I am Lord, use me!


Ms Bear, let me see if I can help you with the picture.  First, the picture has to be in a file that you can access from the forum.  The same one you use for attaching pictures to your e-mails should work.

Next, the picture needs to be sized.  I use my Picture-It program.  It has a "save or send" selection with a web ready.  Mine gives me several choices for the size and I choose the full page selection.  Now that the picture is ready in the accessible file:

Get on the forum, select your thread (preferably this one), select reply like you were going to type a reply, go down below to Additional Options, skip to Attach, click on Browse.  This should bring up your list of pictures to select from.  If it doesn't, then I am lost.  Select your picture, then click on Post.  That should do it.  It works for me except when I want to post more than one picture, then I always get the second one posted before the first one.  Some day I will figure that out, too.


Yellow is one of my favorite colors! When I was in highschool, I bought one of those nylon fleece jackets in a pretty clear yellow. I loved that jacket and wish I could find another like it. I worked in a restraunt downtown in Wichita that was a hangout for the police department. Those guys all called me 'Sunshine', they were all good to me. Yellow was 'out' for many years but I see it making a comeback. Hooray!  :laugh: :laugh:

Ms Bear

Wilma, I will have to try that when I get back.  Have to go to the museum for a couple of hours.  Six, my cupboards are kind of the color of you profile picture.

Judy, my living room is trimmed in Terra Cotta.  Not sure how much longer it will be that color though.

I was going to trim the bathroom in Cranberry but haven't made up my mind on that.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.


Today has been a beautiful day here in Elk County.  Still dry, but it couldn't have been any better otherwise.  I was able to get outdoors and take care of some chores that had to wait.  Hated to come in, but there was a bluebird waiting for me to get out of sight so he could have a bath.  On top of a beautiful day, we hear that Karen came through her surgery in fine shape.  I think God must be looking out for us down here.

Ms Bear

I hope this works, the first one was to large.

Ms Bear

And that was so easy.  Thankyou Wilma.


What a beautiful kitchen. Nice picture and, naturally, nice colors.  :D  :D  :D

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