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Started by T. Sackett, February 13, 2008, 04:11:29 PM

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Diane Amberg

I really have to laugh at the ads that show up at the bottom of these threads. We're posting about increases in mailing costs and the ad was for guns and sniper rifles. Are any of you mad enough to "go postal?"

L Hendricks

The sad thing about the postage increase as I see it - is the higher the postage, the less people will use it - we will use more electronic means - ie online bill paying, email, etc.... It has gotten out of control - and sounds like it will continue... thanks for the history of the increase


The increase is sad.. and the service in most areas doesn't get better.
But I have to say this....

We have excellent service in our little Howard town.  We have Carolyn Corle who is wonderful and will go out of her way to help you. She will stay 5 minutes past her noon hour if you need something and she is still there. She has gone back into the office for me.. has opened up the door if I have a pkg and I am late getting there to get it. Has called me once telling me I had a pkg that was in that she knew I was waiting for...I have had her add a few cents of her own money on my mail just so it goes on and gets out in time. Then when I am in there she will tell me, and I will pay her back..even when she insists that "it isn't necessary".

Now how much better service can you ask for. My mail isn't ever crammed into my box if I have too much or forget to get it for a day or two. She will rubber band it and put it in a sack for you instead of just cramming it all in the box.
Peggy Criger also works in there and she is just as helpful. Both these ladies are super and still give you "small town down home service"  and we are darn lucky to have them.

Dave Denton is the rural mail carrier and Derek Cookson ( my youngest son) is the part time substitute rural carrier for him. Everyone loves the way Dave does their mail. He bundles up the mail, put a rubber band on it and puts it in their rural mail boxes. Now I didn't know that he took the extra time to do this for people.. but he does.
When people heard that Derek would be doing the rural have no idea how many people told me that they sure hoped Derek delivered their mail like Dave did.
Dave trained him so ..yes, he does the same thing.  He told me he puts the mail in peoples boxes like he would want his put in there. All together and nice and easy to get.
You don't get that kind of service in too many places.

That's all...  ;D
I just wanted to brag on our post office people for a bit.  :)

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History !


Yes! Yes! Yes!  We are so fortunate to have such great folks working in our area.  Carolyin & Peggy both have helped me out a TON when I mail packages I've sold on eBay (and there have been some weird shaped ones!)  They go out of their way to be sure that what I have will get to it's desitination properly, and help me figure out if there may be a less expensive way to send things.  Also Dave (and Derek) deliver my mail and I couldn't be more pleased with the service.  They'll bring packages to the door when they don't fit in the box, and have been very gracious a couple times when visitors have had the mailbox blocked.  This may not sound like much to you if you are used to their great service, but I've lived places where I just didn't get mail that day if the driveway was blocked!

Janet Harrington

Ah, our little post office is the best.  I have done business at the Independence Post Office and those people are the worst I have ever dealt with.  The Fredonia Post Office is pretty nice, but they do not compare with our little Howard Post Office.  May we never, ever lose it.

Rudy Taylor

Double amens from this corner!
It truly is "a wonderful life."


I work for the Independence Post Office and while I am a letter carrier I would like to defend my post office a little.  I was acting supervisor for a little over a year and I'm sorry if the experience you had at the window was unpleasant. They are a really good bunch of women over there!! A lot of people don't know the politics side of the management of the post office, but ours was being managed VERY poorly. We had a postmaster that didn't want to replace people when they would retire or quit, so for the whole year that I was supervisor, every department worked very short staffed! Most of the people working the window for that year came in to work at 2 a.m. then had to take a 2 hour break so they could work the window til noon. Every day. They try to be upbeat and friendly over there, but after a while those 10 hour days would get to anyone. When they left at noon, the clerks from the evening shift would have to come in at 1:00 and work til 11 or midnight, every night.

Being a postal employee is very tiring and stressful and a lot of people just don't realize it....and we don't even get to make jokes about going postal!!! We get in deep trouble for that!!



Jo McDonald

While we were at the Elk City State Park this past summer, we have excellent service from the Post Office at Independence.  The clerks at the window were gracious and very helpful and in fact went out of their way for me several times.  And our rural carrier was very, very nice as was her sub.

  I can't sing praises enough for the Howard Post Office employees.  THEY ARE DEFINITELY THE VERY VERY BEST  !!!!

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