Author Topic: How Washington DC Works . . . . Part 3  (Read 198 times)

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How Washington DC Works . . . . Part 3
« on: December 03, 2019, 04:16:34 PM »

Why do the Democrats and many Republicans want 'our' government to get on the climate change bandwagon? HINT, it is not about the climate actually changing. It is about stealing taxpayer money.

Three simple government steps; 1) Start a Con, that is start a false narrative; 2) Make the voting public fearful of that false narrative with repeated claims of harm coming to the public, using the echo-chamber press; and 3) Pass heavily funded laws to protect the fearful public. Rinse and repeat those three steps as often as necessary.

Now, ask yourself these questions.
 - What portion of the appropriated funds for the new laws/programs actually go to the original mandate, in this case climate change?
 - Who audits where the money goes? How often? Politicians? Bureaucrats? Anything other than (internal) self-audits?
 - What is the salary of a US Senator? A US Representative? The President? The Vice-president? A Governor?
 - What is their net worth before being elected to office?
 - What is their net worth after leaving office?
 - How do elected officials become mega/multi millionaires?

The answer to the last question is one word - Corruption.

And now we understand why politics is an attractive job for many. Politicians always start with the same Con, "I love my Country, I want to serve and make life better for my fellow Americans". It does not matter whether it is the federal government, a State government, or a local government, the Con is the same.
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The greatest mistake in American history was letting government educate our children.
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