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Revelette Family

Started by tawnyca1, February 01, 2011, 04:12:23 PM

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I am a decendant of "Joe" Revelette, Elgin Kansas.  I am looking for family history.

Thank you,


This isn't about Joseph, but searching the website  // for Revelette came up with 2 hits.  The
first was a marriage entry in CQ Marriage Book F between Soloman M. Smith, 23 and Minnie O. Revelett, 16 on March 14, 1898.  Both are listed as being from Oklahoma Territory.
The 2nd was a listing for Electra F. Barton Revelette, in the Elgin Cemetery.  Dates shown as 8 July 1877 to 16 February 1969. 
Maybe this fits in somewhere with what you have.  Will see what else I can come across.


Thank you.  I found a great picture of Minnie Revelette on the Osage Nation web site.


On, I found a Joseph Jo Revelette, born about 1906 in Oklahoma.  He lived in Strike Axe, Osage County, Oklahoma in 1910, in Hendricks, Chautauqua County, Kansas  in 1915 and in Elgin, Chautauqua County, Kansas in 1925.  His parents were Charles Revelette (born 1873) and Electa F. Barton (born 1877 and died 1969).  He and his father, Charles, were listed on the Indian Census as being of the Osage Tribe. 


Thank you for your post.  I appreciate the help.

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