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If you are looking for general contact info, city & county phone numbers, look below:

Howard City Clerk…620-374-2202
Howard Housing Authority ….620-374-2386
Howard Twilight Manor Nursing Home. …620-374-2495
Howard City Pool…..620-374-2827

Moline City Clerk….. 620-647-3665
Longton City Clerk…… 620-642-2225
Grenola City Clerk…… 620-358-2860

Elk County Offices

Elk County Clerk.. (620) 374-2490 Toll Free..1-877-504-2490
Clerk of District Court..(620) 374-2370
Health Nurse… (620) 374-2277
General Public Transportation….(620) -374-3068
Sheriff’s Office..(620)-374-2108 toll free 1-800-896-2108
Elk County Register of Deeds ….374-2472


Cable TV – Southern Kansas Telephone
Electricity – Westar Energy 800-794-6101 or 800-794-4780
Internet Service – Southern Kansas Telephone
Telephone – Southwestern Bell
Water, gas, sewer, and residential trash – City of Howard: (620) 374-2202

The Good Old Days
Stories and pictures from the old days in Howard and Elk County.