Guns In The Hills – NCOWS Midwest Regional July 17-19

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The National Congress of Old West Shootist, Midwest Regional, Guns In The Hills is almost upon us. It will be held Friday, July 17th through Sunday, July 19th.  This is the ninth year of this event, and we hope to make it even more fun than last year.  Guns In The Hills has been described as a “premier match not to be missed” by one of the previous year’s attendees, and we hope that you will come and see for yourself.

We will feature free side matches on Friday the 17th at the main range. I am happy to say that we will have long range shooting this year! On Saturday, the first six of ten stages will be shot. The remaining stages will be shot Sunday, followed by awards after lunch.

All NCOWS categories will be offered for this regional match.  Full descriptions of these categories can be found on the NCOWS web site at

Any questions can be directed to the match director Dan Topper at, or 715-246-6218. Our Website is and applications can be found there.

Friday night at the range will feature a “cowboy picnic” supper and a chance to get to know other shooters.  A banquet will be held Saturday evening at the Stout Ale House in Menomonie.  This year we will be having a buffet supper instead of ordering individual meals. We hope this change will speed the banquet along.

With the concerns over COVID 19, we offer the following advice. The Wisconsin Old West Shootists Board members have evaluated ways to organize the shoot and stages in a way that will encourage safe distancing. We also strongly recommend everyone wear a visor/mask/bandana at all times on the range.  With use of physical distancing, visors / masks / bandanas, common sense, and lots of hand sanitizer, we believe we can offer those who wish to come out to shoot the opportunity to do so while minimizing the health risks involved.

If you are not feeling well or are uncomfortable with coming, don’t put yourself or others at risk.  If you show up and appear sick, we reserve the right to ask you to leave the range. We will do our best as a Board to plan the event to deal with the complexity of factors involved, but each individual will need to make a decision based on his/her judgment of the risks and responsibilities involved in attending.

Come and enjoy the shooting experience at the NCOWS Midwest Regional, Guns In The Hills! I hope to see you there.

The following Website lists information regarding hotels and facilities in Menominee WI.


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