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0 Cowboy Action Shooting provides a wonderful example of a great family activity, living American history, and a great deal of fun.

As a child of television in the ‘50s, I can honestly admit there are a lot of us around with a little bit of cowboy in them. Plenty of women play the game too. I remember the Lone Ranger, Wyatt Earp, Roy Rogers, the Cisco Kid, Lash Larue, the Rifleman, Paladin, and Gunsmoke’s Matt Dillon.

Organized by the Single Action Shooting Society, CAS uses original or reproduction revolvers, lever-action rifles, and shotguns from roughly the mid to late nineteenth century as the basis of the activity. While shooting is the core activity of CAS, history is a major part of the game.

CAS is possibly the safest of a long list of statistically proven safe shooting activities. There is no quick-draw element involved – ever. All firearms are unloaded except at the actual shooting line. Pistols remain unloaded in holsters until loaded at the proper place under proper supervision. There are supervised loading and unloading tables at each shooting station. Any unsafe activity with a firearm is cause for being removed from the event.


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