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And the winner is.........
« on: March 21, 2006, 09:17:04 PM »
Slaughter on Hill Street

The courtroom was packed
and the air hung stale
accusations flew wildly
mostly at Dale

The jury looked left
then they looked right
from the edge of their seat
they followed the fight

"He's guilty as sin" cried the Plaintiff's hired gun
then pointed a bony finger
at the poor mother's son

"He did it, he did it, just sure as Hell"
did the jury believe him? it was hard to tell

Then from the jury came a fearful cry
"Somebody get a rope, and we'll hang 'em high"

The mood had gone ugly, and the talkin' was done
the options were few, it was stay or run

Then above the noise came the sound of two feet
on their way to the door in hasty retreat

Those shoes were a blur, for a block or more
as they carried him far from that courtroom door

He was panting hard, and breathin' fast
it was safe enough now to stop at last

I'ts plain now to see where it all went wrong
he'd had a bad feeling all along

The jury was rigged, the case full of lies
the witnesses were nothing but low-down spies

But all was not lost, he still had his fee
he's sure to win one one day, just wait and see

Lawyers don't care if they succeed or fail
but wasn't it too bad about poor old Dale


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