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Uniform pics
« on: March 15, 2006, 06:15:46 pm »
Sirs, Staff & Etc.,
Mr. Hill, my Associate at the UPRR Coy. has unfortunately lost track of his shipment containing my Uniforms, etc., and has been justifiably Chastised. Therefore, as this Office is wont to acquire Proper Equipage, etc., for same, and the upcoming Muster is within this Offices confines via Transport, etc., it has been deemed only natural to request visual acquities from this Source.
To wit, I now request all Staff, Officers & Etc. that have access to any Official prints, paintings, original photos, etc., of an Adjt., Staff Officer, for the Period of time GAF is wont to emulate, please forward and or post them herein. As I will be starting from scratch in acquisitions, any timeframe, and suggested Provider, is welcome.
My present research has been with presently known Vendors and Providers of suchlike, however no extant visual material is available that I have seen to date, however, I freely Admit this Office may have missed same, etc., and is wont to accept any help as proffered.
Our most esteem GAF website has all the Proper information regarding same and has been extremely helpful to this point and any extra visuals or links to same, will be more than appreciated by this Office.
I remain, etc.,
'Ol Gabe,
Dept. of the Missouri,
c/o Dunbar Station, Iowa Territory

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Re: Uniform pics
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2006, 10:16:33 pm »
Sir, I beg leave to provide these Telegraphic Links and Notes in the Hope they may prove to be of some small Assistance:,mharendt,cwband,cwnyhs,gmd,mreynoldsbib,mtaft,cwar,fsaall,mffbib,scsm,mcc,ncpm,pan,afcpearl,lhbprbib,afc911bib,papr,runyon,detr,mgw,nfor,sgp,sgproto,ww2map,mharendt,cwband,cwnyhs,gmd,mreynoldsbib,mtaft,cwar,fsaall,mffbib,scsm,mcc,ncpm,pan,afcpearl,lhbprbib,afc911bib,papr,runyon,detr,mgw,nfor,sgp,sgproto,ww2map,mharendt,cwband,cwnyhs,gmd,mreynoldsbib,mtaft,cwar,fsaall,mffbib,scsm,mcc,ncpm,pan,afcpearl,lhbprbib,afc911bib,papr,runyon,detr,mgw,nfor,sgp,sgproto,ww2map,mharendt,cwband,cwnyhs,gmd,mreynoldsbib,mtaft,cwar,fsaall,mffbib,scsm,mcc,ncpm,pan,afcpearl,lhbprbib,afc911bib,papr,runyon,detr,mgw,nfor,sgp,sgproto,ww2map,cwar

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Yours, &c.,

Guy 'Frenchie' LaFrance
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Re: Uniform pics
« Reply #2 on: March 16, 2006, 01:01:55 am »
Adj. `Ol Gabe,

I forwarded to your station three sources of proper uniforms for a gentleman of your class and position.  Hope that there e-mule is more reliable than the UPRR.  :o :o ;D

I have th Honor to Remain,

Your Most Humble and Obedient Servant,

Capt. R. H. Dorian
Brv't LtC., Chief Topographical Engineer
Grand Army of the Frontier
Regards, Doc
Dr. Bob Butcher,
NCOWS 2420, Senator
HR 4
GAF 405,
NRA Life,
KGC 8.
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