Author Topic: Available for trade Ruger AR 5.56 with red dot  (Read 252 times)

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Available for trade Ruger AR 5.56 with red dot
« on: February 14, 2024, 03:01:25 PM »
I am picking up more period guns, and my more modern stuff isn’t being used. So, if you have a lot of period guns and gear, but want to add a scary black rifle to the safe, we should talk!

Considering any and all trades for a Ruger AR .556 and probably 300-500 rounds of ammo. Would consider the following local trades, don’t really want to mess with the hassle and expense of shipping through an FFL if I can help it. Located in NE Alabama, but work all over the state.

Rifle is nearly new. Maybe one box of shells through it since new, comes out of the safe for annual cleaning, and function checks. Has a cheap red dot, but not a high end one. Does come also with flip up/down rear sight.

Would consider equivalently priced guns and gear,

1873/75 pistols in .357/.38

Conversion pistols in .357/.38

1866/1873/1894 rifles

Single shot sharps/Springfield/rolling block type buffalo guns

Ruger montados, 3.75 inch barrel in .45

Possibly a progressive reloading system complete and ready to go for .38


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