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« on: September 12, 2023, 05:52:00 PM »
I’m paring down the herd, as I don’t shoot cap guns as often as I used to.
I’m selling off the spares, as it does not look like I’ll ever need to shoot them.

So, I have for sale a Color Case Hardened Steel Frame from a Pietta .44 Caliber Cap-n-Ball Revolver.

This was made in 2017 (Stamped “CS”).

It was sent off to my Gunsmith, & he did everything needed to make this gun competition-ready:

A Cap Rake was installed to prevent spent caps from being sucked into the action -- Helps make the gun 100% reliable. (Circled in pictures)

Coil spring/plunger (Ruger-style) Hand spring -- prevents broken hand springs -- a common problem with these guns. (Circled in pictures)

Action filled with Mobil-1 synthetic grease -- prevents fouling in action & promotes smooth running. (See Pictures)

All these can be seen in the images -- top shot shows cap rake, and back shot shows the coil hand spring sticking out of the hole above the left gripframe hole.

This came off of a 44 caliber Pietta 1851 revolver, but it will fit an 1860 Army as well, since Pietta uses the same frame for both guns.
I kept the rest of the gun parts in my collection

44s have a step in the water table to allow the larger cylinder to fit. (see side-images)

•    Beautiful Color Case Hardened Steel Frame
•    For a .44 Caliber Percussion Revolver -- see step in Water Table
•    All Action Parts & Screws included
•    The Triggerguard & Backstrap screws are NOT included.  They were kept with the gripframe.
•    Arbor is tight
•    Finish is perfect -- this is from a NEW UNFIRED GUN
•    FRAME IS STAMPED "CS" = 2017 date of manufacture.
•    Shipped USPS Insured Small Flat Rate Box for $10.

So, if you want to upgrade your 44 Caliber Pietta Cap gun, just transfer your grip, barrel, & cylinder to this frame, & off you go.

This frame fits an 8”, 5.5”, and 3” factory barrel, so, it gives you the ultimate flexibility in a reliable convertible gun!

$175 + $10 Shipping = $185 total.
Paypal Friends & Family or a personal check.

Lots of pictures available on request -- Please send me your e-mail, and I will send you a whole bunch of them.

Thanks for looking.


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