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Division of Indiana After Action Report 6/17/23
« on: June 27, 2023, 05:25:26 PM »
Division of Indiana GAF Muster 6/17/23 After Action Report

It was a beautiful day for a Muster and we had 9 infantrymen who attended. We gathered at the Range where registration began at 9:00 AM.  At 9:30 we had our Pledge to the US Flag and prayer. Followed by a Safety Brief and then began shooting our first skirmish run. The Theme for the Muster was the invasion of Cuba in 1898.

First skirmish run was the Battle of Cuzco Well. You were a USMC fireman and were given the duty of protecting the well from Spanish counterattacks. While knelling by the well there were 4 firefly targets ahead and to the left of your position. To the right were two pistol targets hiding across the creek. You had to hit the 4 rifle targets and stage the rifle and then address the two pistol targets. Holster the pistol and repeat this process three times for a total of 12 rifle and 6 pistol targets.

Second stage was the Battle of Kettle Hill. You were with Teddy Rosevelt and had to charge up the hill. You left the confines of the building and addressed 5 pistol targets located left and right while going to retrieve a rifle from a fallen infantryman. Upon picking up the rifle you began addressing the 10 rifle targets hidden in the woods and down in the creek.

Third skirmish run was the Battle for San Juan Hill. Now that you have taken Kettle Hill you had to cross the field of battle and help with the capture of San Juan Hill. You started in the building on Kettle hill and shot 3 rifle targets. You kept working your way across the battle field to San Jaun Hill stopping at three more positions to address 3 rifle targets at each position for a total of 12 rifle targets. Your final act was to leave the cover of the fort and charge with your pistol killing all 4 of the final Spanish forces defending the hill.

This was followed up withe a Precision Rifle Match at 25 yards for string score to end the Muster.

Everyone said they enjoyed the skirmish runs and were so very glad the weather was not too hot. We will have our next Indian Department Muster on August 19 followed by our last Muster of 2023 on September 30. The September Muster we will include Expansion Era for those interested..

Here are the result for the June 17, 2023 Division of Indiana Muster:

Military Single Shot BP:

1. Dart Liebrandt (Lite Colonel)
2. Rex Young (Pocket Hunter)

Military Repeater:

1. Michael Fellow (Snake Oil)
2. Glenn Kreilein (Long Arm)
3. Dewayne Liebrandt

Civilian Scout:

1. Phil Montarsi (Chase)

Precision Rifle:

1. Michael Fellow (Snake Oil)
2. Glenn Kreilein (Long Arm)
3. Dart Liebrandt (Lite Colonel)


Michael Fellow (Snake Oil)

Videos of the skirmish runs are also posted on the GAF Facebook page. I hope some of you will plan to come to one of our remaining Musters for 2023. We strive to make skirmish runs interesting and challenging. Take care and God bless!

One in Christ,
Dewayne Liebrandt
Colonel Department of the Atlantic


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