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Division of Illinois Muster, 29 April 2023
« on: April 30, 2023, 08:18:24 AM »

To: Brig Gen Pitspitr, Ladies and Gents of the GAF at large

Subject: Division of Illinois Muster held at Dry Gulch Ranch near Winnebage , IL

Gen Pitspitr,
It is my honor to report that the Division of Il muster scheduled for 29 April 2023 was accomplished.  The weather was rainy, cold and 4 individuals had one 7734uva Time.  Before the muster commenced and between the rain drops, it was decided to leave the timers dry and shoot the match at will.  No, Will was not in attendance, but everyone had the opportunity to expend as much ammo as they wanted. That said there were no class breakdowns and no winners.  I will list the shooters and the weapons with which each individual pounded steel and sent a 2x4 to the lower regions.

In attendance were:

Mike Morouney and his weapons were: Remington/Lee cal 45/70 (How about that Gen!!! This rifle ran slick for its age.) and he used a Colt DA circa 1909 cal 45 Colt as his pistol (That thing is NICE!!)
John Clint and his weapons were: 03/A3 rifle cal 30/06 (Very Pristine!!) and he used a CMP 1911 for pistol (Sweet gun!)
Frank Ward and his weapons were: 1896 Krag Carbine (Use your imagination!!) and his pistol was also a CMP 1911 (sweet gun too).
Don Long and his weapons were : 1898 Krag rifle (Ya'll have seen it) and my pistol was a Smith and Wesson 1905 38 Special. (It looks is age but shoots as good as its younger 10-5).

At the end a "shoot my rifle and pistol" session commenced whereupon I was treated to the Remington/Lee, the Colt 1909, the 03A3 and the 1911s. What can I say?? A shooter's joy!! I, in tun laid out the ammo for my Smith and Wessons and my Krag rifle. So, a crappy day turned out to be very happy for 4 old soldiers. (The youngest was 55, one at 62 and 2 over 70!!)

Sir, this concludes my report and I do look forward to writing after our next must on 29 July 2023. And, that I and my family will not be in attendance for the Grand Muster, we wish all a good shoot, safe travels and a great time in Sargent!!

In service,

Bvt LtCol Don Long, Commander Division of IL.


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