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Authentic rig for airsoft
« on: September 10, 2022, 01:30:11 PM »
Hey everyone I have some unique questions for my specific use case that I figured I'd ask this forum about. Hopefully this is the correct board within this forum for it.

I wish to purchase an authentic gunbelt setup for use in airsoft - a sport similar to paintball except instead of paintballs being fired, the toy guns fire small plastic pellets. Basically in an Airsoft game I run around a forest(an airsoft field) in Canada firing harmless plastic at consenting people. Right now I currently own an airsoft version of a Colt SAA and a Smith and Wesson Schofield pictured below. Please note they have a lot of inaccuracies to the real thing.

The meat of my question is if any authentic rigs are rugged enough for airsoft with gun retention and protection in a variety of weather and positions being key. They would need to meet the following criteria for airsoft:

  • The rig must be able to retain both guns comfortably at a full sprint. - this is a must, I can't have them flying out during a serious all out sprint.
  • The rig needs to remain comfortable for an entire game day of up to 7 hours. I.e. hopefully it won't bruise my hip from flopping around while running all day.
  • The belt and holster(s) needs to hold up within reason from all weather including rain, snow, heat. Additionally protection from mud/debris while lying in a prone position, branches, twigs, blackberry bushes and banging on tree trunks. Particularly it needs to protect the tips from dirt and debris getting in the barrels.
  • I would prefer it to be period correct over a Hollywood quickdraw style rig.
  • I prefer comfort and retention over the ability to quickly draw the gun. However, if the holster can retain the gun to my criteria without a hammer loop then I would prefer to go without one.
  • It most likely can't have tooling as budget is definitely a concern. I was hoping to spend in the $500-750 Canadian dollar range which may only get me 1 holster and a belt
  • Finally if there's any interested custom leather workers on here, I plan to experiment with a "paintball tank" style setup that could go in a leather holster on the back rig - see below.

Additionally I have some questions:
  • Do most authentic rigs already meet this criteria?
  • Should I go with a belt and 1 holster to start before I figure out what works for me?
If all authentic rigs meet these criteria then great, please tell me what to look for in holsters and belts so that I can ensure they do. If anyone could recommend some that would also be great. I've been looking at some belts online such as El Paso's Shootist and Cheyenne rigs.

If anyone wants to do custom work here's the small paintball tank I own and a super super quick mockup of where I was thinking it would go on the belt. The tank measures 2" in diameter by 9.45" in overall length.

I have to take off so I may edit this post in the future to make it more legible and concise.

Thanks for any and all help! :)

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Re: Authentic rig for airsoft
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2022, 12:24:16 PM »
The only holster I know that might hold up under the conditions you mentioned are canvass military flap holsters with lift-the-dot closures. They aren't correct for the era you want but they're designed for such conditions. To be historically correct, you might be well off to look for military flap, or possibly half flap, holsters of the era. El Paso Saddlery makes this 1880 Cavalry half flap holster that might be what you are looking for. They offer it for Colt clones, Vaqueros and Schofields.

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