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New Sharps Owner
« on: November 12, 2020, 11:54:48 AM »
Before I get to that - nice display Shrapnel! Wonderful collection.

A few years back my wife and I decided to mentor a 12 year old boy, son of ranching neighbours. He quickly advanced from 'Buckaroo' to shooting his own .45 Colt SAAs, carbine and 12 ga SxS.
His family decided that it was time for him to step up to a Buffalo Rifle.

It became quickly apparent that a C. Sharps or Shiloh product was out of the question. I was asked to go 'shopping' for them and found a 45-70 Ped 74 'Hunter' with 30" octagonal barrel, PG and $900 worth of MVA Soule sights c/w Hadley eye cup and spirit level front sight. I even managed to negotiate a reduction in price.

We had ready gifted him with a complete reloading and casting outfit for his CAS guns, now we'll get him going with the intricacies of reloading BPCRs. I have a surplus Lyman 457125 mould and handles I'll pass along and a set of x-sticks.

This lad shoots daily on the family ranch AFTER he does a man's work on the ranch. He shot a deer this fall and has a large bear skin on the wall from the bear he shot a few years back.
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