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Re: Kirst Konvertor
« Reply #20 on: October 03, 2020, 10:51:24 AM »
C C,  maybe if you look at the cost of the cylinder as cheaper than the cost of another revolver, it might be more palatable! Lol  But, what you're actually getting is a package that is greater than the sum of the parts .  .  .  so to speak.  I can assure you that done correctly, you can have a Dragoon that can match  (mechanically) a Freedom Arms  with tollerances the same, for half the cost !! The Dragoon platform handles the .45Colt round masterfully!! (I'd vote for the Whitneyville !!)


Hey Mike--enjoyed our lengthy phone chat the other day.  :)  Understand the meaning of your post better, well did before, but the reality is the thought I'm hesitant to change the original design of one of my Dragoon framed revolvers. Kind of a thinking I almost need to go out and buy another Dragoon for a Kirst conversion, I did check around sites for used ones, no dice. I actually bought the WhitneyVille Dragoon new on a sale price way below current prices for them then and now. Sort of like needing 10 qts of paint to paint a building, but ya already have 8 ya bought sometime back (on sale) so ya only have to invest in 2 more to get the job done.  :o ;D  So as we talked, not wanting to change my 2nd or 3rd Dragoons and Walker I'd go with doing it. Uberti isn't going to produce a Dragoon conversion any time soon for my wants, ah heck its a need  ;D  Probably not be until after the 1st of the year thing anyway esp since Kirst doesn't have any Dragoon cylinders at this time, although if you get a line on them, give me a shout, might be one of those things that get gobbled up fast then another shortage. Anywhoooo (Rifle) have a good day to all who read this!!! Crow Choker,  (I had to inform 45 Dragoon how that handle got placed on me by Jubal Starbuck, Esq.) ;D
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