Author Topic: Off Topic CZ 550 FS 30-06 Manlicher 20.5 in barrel In bound  (Read 60 times)

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Having more money than sense which did not require much money at all, I made opening bid on a CZ 550 FS 30-06 on gun broker and ended up getting it.  Sent the Cashiers check out today.   The Mannlicher Stock looked too cool to pass up.  About all I know about the CZ550s is they are essentially 98 Mausers.  I may leave it iron sighted.  From what I have read they tend to shoot more accurately with 165 Plus grain bullets. Any of you have any experience with CZ 550s in general and the 550 FS specifically sound off please.
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Re: Off Topic CZ 550 FS 30-06 Manlicher 20.5 in barrel In bound
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No experience with the CZ-550, but the family owns a CZ-452 Merican, hump back stock (European), and a 455 Hump back.  Beat a 10/22 twelve ways from Sunday.  The 452 Merican was accurate out of the box, less than a half inch group at 50 yards.  Two of the three have a 6x Weaver classic, while the daughter's hump back stock has a Tek sight peep setup. 

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