Author Topic: Need a square ring for a Kerr sling.  (Read 146 times)

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Need a square ring for a Kerr sling.
« on: May 05, 2020, 07:58:43 PM »
I bought an original Kerr sling off fleabay a while back. I went to put it on my 1924 Winchester M52 .22 today only to realize that the square brass ring that the short end hooks onto was missing. I know it’s original because it’s got an old price written on it, a whopping .59 cents. Anyone have a broken Kerr that I can get the ring from? I put a repro Kerr on the M52 until I can get an original on it. If it’s military and has real swivels it’s got to have a sling, imo. Anyway the Springfield 1922 .22 beat out Winchester’s M52 military .22 trainer so Winchester redesigned it as a sporter/target rifle. A good move. Mine is a very early PreA rifle. When I get the Lyman sights right I wanna to do a head to head comparison. Might be fun.
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