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« on: Yesterday at 06:25:13 pm »
Greetings All,
There was a time, just a year or two (mostly two) before USFA's ultimate demise, that you could order a variety of options on their SAA's and be fairly confident that your order would be fulfilled in a timely manner.  They would work with you.  Grip styles, hammer styles, barrel lengths, to say nothing of finishes.  It was sort of a "mix and match" smorgasbord!  You could custom order just about any SAA configuration that USFA had to offer.  Looking back, had I known what would become of all of this, I would have custom ordered a few more than I did.  First on my list of regrets would be;

1:  Blue/CCH, standard SAA with a 10" barrel.
2:  Nickel plated 4" "Sheriff's Model" with the Bisley style hammer (I did get the 4" nickel Sheriff's model w/o the Bisley hammer).
3:  4" ejectorless Omni-Potent.

So... there are three of my regrets!  Why do I still torture myself over things that will never be?  Surely there are others among us  who occasionally kick themselves in the ass for not ordering their perfect SAA from USFA. 
If only, to quote the Lone Ranger, we could "Return to those days of yesteryear,"  What would you have ordered?
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Re: Regrets
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> So... there are three of my regrets!  Why do I still torture myself over things that will never be?  ...
>If only, to quote the Lone Ranger, we could "Return to those days of yesteryear,"  What would you have ordered?

IBM in 1980 at $12-$15 a share ..

Oh, oops a USFA!

yup My vote would be two OmniPotents, a snubby and a 4 3/4 WITH ejector

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Re: Regrets
« Reply #2 on: Today at 09:18:40 am »
I would order the four black powder framed models I have now...and paid so much less for them (LOL).

Also, I always preferred a 3-1/2" barrel on the ejectorless models, rather than the 3" I have. So, one of those four would have been a 3.5" in 45 Colt, nickle plated of course. (smile)


PS: I think I would have ordered/purchased a Lightning Magazine Rifle in 44 WCF as well.
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Re: Regrets
« Reply #3 on: Today at 04:49:23 pm »

Well  actually   None.  I always had a real problem with High End SAs.  After laying out all that folding money, one still needed ME.  Or someone line me to make 'em user friendly enough to play the CAS game.  I resisted the temptation for years.  Then, my resolve failed. 

Special order'd a consecutive pair of Omnipotent in .38 Special, 4 3/4 inch barrels.  Couldn't find a way to draw and fire 'em Gunfighter.  Sold them on.  OOPS.  Should have just shelved em.

Next I ordered a consecutive pair of 3 1/2 in barrel Double Eagles.  After I got em, I added .45 ACP Cylinders to the guns.  Then I switched to Cap Guns and Sold em on.  OOPS.  Should have just shelved em too.

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Re: Regrets
« Reply #4 on: Today at 06:00:49 pm »
As many as I could afford. First up would be an all USA Bisley (prefer a 4 3/4" but would settle for any barrel length now), a 3 1/2" Double Eagle, and an armory blued/CCH SAA prewar with 7 1/2" barrel and one-piece wood grips. These are just starters.
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