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Re: Shaved .455 Webley MK VI
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Yes, Starline produce the shorter .455 Webley Mark II cases -

However, to the best of my knowledge, nobody presently produces the the original Mark I case length necessary to accommodate a full charge of black powder (nor has anyone done so in the recent past.)  I personally have quite a few Dominion Cartridge Company produced .455 Colt cases which I use for black powder loads. (The .455 Colt cartridge case was essentially the same as the .455 Webley Mark I, as was the .455 Eley cartridge - and, for that matter, was the same as the earlier Enfield cartridge case - ioriginally designated as a .455 calibre round although the final Mark III version of the Enfield cartidge used a heeled .476 calibre bullet.)  Indeed, as I often point out the Adams, Enfield and Webley cartridges were all actually .455, despite their somewhat confusing calibre designations ...

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Re: Shaved .455 Webley MK VI
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As usual this thread is a wonderful history lesson thanks guys
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Re: Shaved .455 Webley MK VI
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Thanks guys !! I've read and reread. A lot of info to process. Received my Mk VI today !!! Loaded 45 AR  4.5 gr. Trail Boss with 255 Hornady swaged , OAL .025 short of chambers . Shot a little bit right of POA but a nice 10 shot group. Loaded with AR dies . Waiting on 455 Webley dies for reloads. Thanks Again for all your help.
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Re: Shaved .455 Webley MK VI
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A nice little article that tells you what that "6 Tons" stamp really means.
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