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John Sukey
« on: October 14, 2019, 05:38:36 pm »


Some time ago, at the time of the online Estate Auction for the late John Sukey, I exchanged some messages with another chap up here in Canada who was also bidding on a lot in the auction, and mentioned that I had communicated off and on with John over the years. This other chap won his lot (... I did not win mine ...) and included in it was John's military service cap. Having no interest in the cap,the bid winner offered it to me because I had known John (although I never did meet him in person) and today dropped it off at my house.

To be honest, I do not even know what branch of U.S. service this hat is for, and it certainly does not fit in with my collecting interests.

I am accordingly posting about it on various forums to see if there is anyone who might like to receive this hat (at no cost except to cover shipping), either because of association with John sake, or because it would fit with their collection. I will decide what to do with it once I have had a chance to assess any responses I receive.

By the way, for anyone wondering why I am positing this modern U.S. service cap in this venue, John Sukey was a long-time reenactor with various Victorian British military impressions (e.g. Artillery, Highlander). (Looking back on John's obituary it says he served in the Army and the Air National Guard - )

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Re: John Sukey
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That looks like air force, so probably from his Air National Guard days.
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