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Back after hiatus
« on: September 16, 2019, 04:22:30 pm »
Greetings all, 

  Been a spell from last I got chance to contribute. Last thing I did was have an unsuccessful round with brass for the 45-75.  While I cleared the jam the effort resulted in a buggered screw head.    Being a picky sort about such particulars ordered a new one but the over zealous toque at Uberti meant I couldn?t get the old one out. Rifle went to my gunsmith who is really good but backed up which means I had to do other things.  Well the 76 came home from hospital today good as new and I am one happy old man!  Lesson learned measure those case rims in a new batch of brass and give thanks for a good gunsmith!  Now if this oven we call weather outside ever cools will try to stir the pot again with pics of a shooting session!

Keep ya powder dry.