Author Topic: 1908 Colt vs. 1917 Savage  (Read 247 times)

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1908 Colt vs. 1917 Savage
« on: August 26, 2019, 07:30:59 am »
I was able to handle a 1908 Colt side by side with a 1917 Savage.  The Colt's frame and slide are much thinner but with the grips on, overall thickness was only slightly thinner. The Savage still filled my hands a little nicer though.  I guess the rake on the Colt's grip is less than the Savage, the Colt seems to point low and I always seem to need to pick the front sight up when pointing.
The heel release on the Colt takes more effort than the toe release of the Savage, but both are awkward for me.  The Savage's mag will drop free though, unlike the Colt that you have to pull out.  The big advantage of the Savage is the 9 round magazine verses the Colts 7 rounds of 380acp. 
Slide pull on the Colt is easier because it has a straight blow back action while the Savage has a delayed blow back action with more friction because you are rotating the barrel a few degrees as well.  Both are good looking to me but in different ways, the Colt is classically beautiful while the Savage is kind of art deco exotic looking. 
The sights on the Colt are just a little larger and the rear is adjustable,  while the Savage has fixed sights.   The manual safety on the Colt is a little easier to operate, swiping down similar to a 1911, it also has a grip safety.  The Savage's safety is a little further to the rear and has a longer sweep but it is not too bad.
The Savage has an exposed "hammer" (it really is striker fired) while the Colt Hammerless has a concealed hammer.  I have not shot the Colt so I can not comment on that aspect,  it is lighter and has a higher bore offset so I suspect it will have a little more felt recoil.