Author Topic: We need new blood to keep NCOWS going  (Read 1431 times)

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Re: We need new blood to keep NCOWS going
« Reply #25 on: January 25, 2020, 09:09:46 am »
All that being said, NCOWS matches tend to be less of a race anyway, by virtue of their rules against any modifications beyond springs and some polishing.
This may a bit off topic but I'd to add this to Oklahoma Tom's fine comments. At the 2016 NCOWS Midwest Regionals Red Lodge Rambler shot one 1858 Remington Revolver in a two pistol class and loaded an extra cylinder on the clock. Beartooth Billy shot a clean match using four Firearms that were all over one hundred years old. Those Gentlemen were fun to watch.

For my Grandson who has shot NCOWS and SASS matches with me, I bought him a pair of $10.00 black jeans from Walmart. I removed one of the back pockets and belt loops then installed suspender buttons.
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Re: We need new blood to keep NCOWS going
« Reply #26 on: January 26, 2020, 04:51:46 pm »

First a CAVEAT:  I'm not an NCOWS member.  I have however, been playing in the SASS game for well over 20 years and was, for most of 20 years a CAS Gunsmith (I retired).  I have always felt the technology race was somehow "wrong" even though I made a pile of money doing it.  SO:

The CAS games are suffering the same fate.  The days of Saturday matinees, Saturday morning reruns of old Westerns and Prime Time TV Western programs are long gone.  Those of us who grew up playing Cowboys and Indians throughout the neighborhood are now ..... some older.  We're just getting too old to play.  The young today are growing up on electronic screen games and Virtual Reality games.  No interest in what we do.

Because of the above, the CAS games we play, both SASS and NCOWS are slowly dying.  Kicking, screaming and clawing off the cliff, but dying none the less.  Not enough infusion of young folks that wish to do what we do.  It's an inexorable failing, something like the demise of the Glaciers.  And it's a crying shame.

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Re: We need new blood to keep NCOWS going
« Reply #27 on: January 27, 2020, 10:05:36 pm »
 No Sir, it won?t ever be over! As long as we keep showing up and shooting matches, it will keep going. As long as there is one father, or one grandfather, bringing his kid to the matches and teaching her or him to shoot, it will not be over.  I know this because that?s me doing just that.

With all due respect, we must not let ourselves get discouraged when participation seems to slow down. We need to have faith and each of do our best to keep it going. Maybe we will have a small turnout sometimes, but at other times we will have more attendees. The idea is that if you believe in this and if you enjoy it then let?s keep working at it, and at recruiting new members.

Frankly, I have personally enjoyed more quality family time at our matches and other NCOWS events than nearly anything else we do, and my kids feel likewise. Please consider coming to a match and please consider joining NCOWS. You don?t have to shoot fast to have fun shooting, but if you like to shoot fast, some our folks will happily give you a run for your money.

As always, I remain,

Yr. obt. svt.,

Sgt. Henry, Marshal
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Re: We need new blood to keep NCOWS going
« Reply #28 on: March 30, 2020, 02:56:20 pm »

I shoot at both Oklahoma City Gun Club and Tri-City Gun Club.  Many of the youngin's are shooting a similar course of fire to SASS, but using Glocks and pistol caliber carbines of some sort.  I'm also amazed at the number of shooters in High Power.  I never got into it because the (then) closest high power range was 2 hours away. 

Just another $0.02.
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Re: We need new blood to keep NCOWS going
« Reply #29 on: March 30, 2020, 04:51:37 pm »
when planets the deal !
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Re: We need new blood to keep NCOWS going
« Reply #30 on: March 31, 2020, 08:11:45 pm »
I hope there wasn't anything downrange for a long ways. Looked pretty irresponsible to me to not have someone competent spotting Grandma. I am glad they got her involved, but you have to be safe.

My .02,  Mike
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