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selling my Martini Henry/SOLD
« on: October 28, 2019, 10:56:14 PM »
I am looking to sell or trade my very nice Canadian issued Martini Henry mk3. 1879 dated.

Bore is good. Overall condition is good for a 140 year old rifle.

This is not a IMA gun. This was sent to Canada as part of a sale during the Northwest rebellion and stayed in Canada until it somehow got across the boarder. It is much nicer than IMA guns.

NOW $725 plus shipping.

I am looking for a Miroku or Pedersoli Brown Bess or Charleville musket. I might also be interested in a Baker rifle but it will depend on which importer(I prefer Loyalist arms) brought it over from India. I am not interested in an Indian Bess or Charleville. I might be interested in other quality Napoleonic era arms.

Nice Trapdoor rifle

Nice Krag..shootable.

Other stuff like that.

I have a nice bayonet for this and some leather gear I can add for the right deal.

I tried to load some pics but no go.  I will work on it tomorrow but not sure if they will work.  You can shoot me an email for pics




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