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2019 Scenario write ups
« on: July 04, 2019, 06:56:48 PM »
I want to mention that the historical write ups for our skirmish runs this year were superb:  It was just so dang hot that we decided to forgo reading them, which is too bad, as Jack did a magnificent job on them.  It is my hope that he will display them here, so everyone can see what they missed, and learn some fascinating history.
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Re: 2019 Scenario write ups
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2019, 09:33:51 PM »
The same thing happened at the NCOWS National Shoot, but for different reasons, we were trying to get the shoot done before the rain. John Saffran, AKA Johnny McCrae wrote up a very nice scenario book about the characters&places of the Old West, which we didn't take the time to read. I for one, would love to read Jack's work, even if it is "post skirmish"!
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Re: 2019 Scenario write ups
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2019, 09:06:52 AM »
I've been trying all week to get them posted here for folks to read, but the .pdf's are too big. I've finally given up and copied them to my google drive and made the folder shareable so that you people can read them. Go Here:
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