Author Topic: 73 or 66 , WHY ???  (Read 3672 times)

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Re: 73 or 66 , WHY ???
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We could be best pards. Nothing makes me giggle and shout like an afternoon with my iron-frame '73 (ser.#4741) and his companion NMA (ser.# 52,621). Gimme a pound of FFFg and some lead fer castin.... I will perforate paper and murder tin cans til the ol lady sez stop.

  One of the things that surprised me about these ol' girls is they still actually shoot...and shoot well!

 Granted the elder of my two had to have the barrel lined as the original was ruined to the point that bullets if the 25 yd. target sideways, if at all. But out to 200 yds., she's a dandy!



 The '88 production, who is original all the way, shoots about as well.


  Today I'm rehabbing a 1911 production '94 Winchester in 25-35. This old girl has seriously been "rode hard an put up wet". Broken hammer spur, worn out trigger and safety spring, bangs, dings, dents, scuffs, gouges andan  action full off black crud lead me to believe this one spent much of its life in a saddle scabbard and the floorboard of a ranch pickup. But she's ready to be used again!

 Sorry to stray from the subject...