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Winchester 73' Handloading Loading Tool
« on: December 13, 2018, 05:50:09 pm »
By 1875 Winchester offered their handloading tool for the Winchester 73'. The first style was a bit monstrous looking while the second variation looks a bit more conventional. Both of the below handloading tools are Pat. 20 Oct, 1874. I would certainly like to know which would work with the shorter cases, if not phased out with the Milbank primed cases...or if by the time handtools were offered, all cartridge case were now the 1.300 standard.

The bullet mold is of the no lube groove style.

First Style Pat. 20 Oct 1874...Type shown in Winchester's 1875 catalog.

Second Variation, same Pat. 20 Oct 1874

As seen in Winchester's 1875 catalog

In Winchester's 1875 Catolog, under the Tool advertisement...

Winchester writes...
"Where it is desired to have a more perfect cartridge than can be made with a simple cast bullet, the best course is, if practicable, to purchase the machine swaged bullets, having grooves to receive the lubricating compound, from the manufactures; but, where this can not be done, a very perfect bullet can be made in hand swages, furnished to order. For ordinary use, however, it is found that the cast bullet will answer."

The add reads as if to insinuate that there is a bullet swaging tool available to order....hmmmm, I have never seen one.

For best results use;
factory ammunition or,
factory swaged bullets or,
factory swaging tool along with hand cast no lube groove bullets, or
plain no lube groove cast bullets.
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Re: Winchester 73' Handloading Loading Tool
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2018, 06:23:48 pm »
 Now that sir; is just neat.  I have a 1884 w/bullet mould on the end for my 40/60 win. ( chappie ),, and I do use it a lot.
 Thanks for the pics.

  smoke'm if ya' got'm ,, Hootmix.

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Re: Winchester 73' Handloading Loading Tool
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I discovered this today...

Although it is for the 32 WCF, the were offered for the 44 WCF in the 1879 or 1880 Winchester catalogs

Oops my stupid website doesn't like to share!!! Try the main link and scroll down to the last set of photos.
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