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.25ACP Ruger Standard Auto Pistol
« on: December 09, 2018, 09:02:49 pm »
I am in the Process of converting a .22LR Ruger Standard auto 4-3/4" barrel MKII Pistol to Center Fire and
.25ACP with about an 8 inch long Barrel.
1.   The Bolt conversion is complete and was done by John Taylor of "Taylor Machine" in Payllup, WA.
2.   The barrel is machined ,again by John Taylor, from a left over piece of Lothar Walther .25 Auto/6,35
Browning Cr-Mo Pistol Barrel blank; this is left over from my 10-5/8 inch long Ruger Single Six Conversion
Barrel.  The Barrel will have a Long tapered form with a Front sight boss like the Ruger typical one on the
removed barrel.
3.   I am working on jigs and form blocks to rework a Beretta "950" .25ACP magazine body's feed lips to
match the angle of my Ruger .22LR magazine.
4.   I already have roughed out the Welding jig body (two pieces of 1/8x1 inch Copper plus a piece of
Sheet steel 'ground' to fit the Interior of the Beretta magazines closely, but with a sliding fit).  I am still
working out the clamping methods to hold everything in alignment for welding.
5.   I purchased a "Volquartsen" extended magazine catch/release to install in my MKII grip frame.
6. the Used MKII came to me with a "Volquartsen" Molded 'Rubber' Target Grip that fits my hand well
and extends past the bottom of the Grip frame with a 'shelf' for the heel of my hand and another for
my thumb.
7.   The Barrel is chambered with my custom .2795" diameter cylindrical Body finish chamber reamer
purchased from "JGS Precison" (drawing  title .25ACP WS).  John Taylor has test fired it already, before
sending the barrel out of Blued finish.

The new barrel will be finished Blue and has a threaded muzzle with a muzzle thread protector and a separate
Threaded Muzzle Crown Protector/guide for my cleaning rod.
Added info: I was advised by My Local Gun Shop that if I assemble the Barrel into a completed pistol
it will be Illegal under Current California  Laws, Regulations, Rules, and Ordinances; so I turned the muzzle
threads off before assembly.  this is 'witnessed' by the 'White' band of bare smooth metal in front of the
Front Sight boss.  I hope no one mistakes it for a "TOY" gun, chuckling.

Eventually I will have the rear, fixed, sight replaced with an Adjustable Ruger Target Sight.  

I do realize this project is not suitable for CAS use but I felt it might be of Passing Interest to the R.A.T.S. group.

Chev. William, R.A.T.S. member 736
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Re: .25ACP Ruger Standard Auto Pistol
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2018, 11:03:14 am »
Happy News!
December 10th afternoon, UPS delivered a Package containing my Ruger Standard Auto MKII Pistol fitted
with my New Custom .25ACP 8-1/8" Long tapered Blued Barrel, a Threaded And Knurled Muzzle Thread
Protector, a threaded And Knurled Crown cleaning Protector/Guide, my Bolt modified to Center Fire, my
two 'Takeoff" 4-3/4" barrels, and my Custom Finish Chamber reamer all sent by John Taylor Machine after
his work was completed.

The finish color on all items is a Very good match to my Receiver original Blue finish.

He also fitted a new square blade Front sight to the Barrel, and test fired the Bolt-receiver-barrel using his
Grip frame before Finish application.

Now I have "Single Shot" Pistol until I make the Magazine(s) to feed my pistol a diet of .25ACP cartridges.

Added:  I turned the Barrel Muzzle Threads off using my Friends Lathe so it is now an UNTHREADED Muzzle and California Legal to own/Assemble.

My Christmas Came Early this Year!!!!

Chev. William
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Re: .25ACP Ruger Standard Auto Pistol
« Reply #2 on: December 17, 2018, 09:05:50 pm »
Show And Tell time!

My Fresh Converted Center Fire .25ACP Ruger Standard Auto MKII Pistol before replacement of the rear fixed sight with an adjustable sight.

And a view of the Bolt face which shows the enlarged rebate to fit the .25ACP rim along with the round centered Firing pin tip below the original rectangular firing pin channel with the Ruger Recoil Assembly in place.  Note the Bolt is about 3/4 inch diameter It slides into a .750" ID drill bushing with little or no 'slop'.

This Handgun is still a "Single Shot Auto Eject" as I have no magazine to feed it with yet.  I will need to make them.

I have High hopes for both its innate accuracy and my wrist strength to "off Hand Standing" shoot and hit 100 yard Gongs, something I have yet to consistently do with my Single Eight revolver.

Chev. William
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Re: .25ACP Ruger Standard Auto Pistol
« Reply #3 on: December 19, 2018, 12:02:04 pm »
Looking good Chev, I admire your creativity and dedication . Look forward to seeing your progress building the magazine . Best of Luck ,,,,,DT

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Re: .25ACP Ruger Standard Auto Pistol
« Reply #4 on: December 29, 2018, 12:16:53 am »
December 27th I 'took a Range day' at my loal Outdoor commercial range.

I fired a few firearms for fun and relaxation and for Functional testing.
My .25ACP converted Ruger MKII Pistol functioned well as a Single Shot Auto eject
Pistol staring out 'patterning' high and to the Left at 7 yards.
Windage was adjusted 3 clicks to bring the pattern to vertical center but Elevation
screw had an Allen socket head so I could not adjust it at the Range.
At 50 yards the "pattern was still 'high' but centered above POA until I applied
"Kentucky" adjustment.
For comparison I fired my Pre-mark Ruger .22LR Pistol with a ~6" bull target  barrel
as a Single Shot also.
- Bolt 'recoil' was about the same between the two pistols.
- Muzzle rise was about the same between the tow pistols.
- Both seemed to feel about the same 'muzzle heavy' without the Magazines.
Note this was 'Standing Off Hand' and I believe both are More Accurate than I am.
The range was too Crowded to get to try them from a rest position.

All in all a good day was had.

Chev. William

Added Feb17th 2019:  Range day Thursday Feb 14th, was Wet, cold and Breezy;
but I did fire About 150 Factory Rounds through my Ruger .25ACP pistol in Single Shot
mode.  The Pattern was slightly to the Left and slightly Low from POA ( using a 6 o'clock
Hold under the Center Orange dot of the Targets).  In spite of my shivering this pistol is
looking better and better accuracy wise.
The Pisto is now fitted with an adjustable rear sight; so I will eventually adjust it to
correct POI to match POA.

Also I now have my Revolver back along with three New Tight Parallel wall chamber
8-shot cylinders in .25ALRM, .25ALS, and >25MACP cartridges.  I hope to get the
remaining two new 8-shot cylinders in .25ALR and .25ACP soon.
Chev. William
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Re: .25ACP Ruger Standard Auto Pistol
« Reply #5 on: March 31, 2019, 11:09:32 pm »
My March Funds were taken up by my two dogs annual Vet. visits and buying their annual Licenses.
No Progress on the .25ACP Magazine yet.

'RCC" is now listing CNC turned Brass 22LR CF cartridge cases for sale at $3.75ea with a minimum order size of %0 cases.  Now I have the Option of buying cases and bullets and shooting .22LR size cartridge switch my CF converted bolt by switching it to my 'pre-mark' Ruger Standard Auto Pistol.

Chev. William
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