Author Topic: Military bolt guns—Is there a proper way to screw it all together?  (Read 864 times)

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Just curious, is there a correct [military armourer approved] way to secure a military bolt gun’s action/bbl to it’s plain jane walnut milsurp stock? No glass bedding, nothin fancy etc. Front action screw first, then the rear, tight as possible. Torque wrench needed. Or screw them down evenly and tighten them at the same time? Just wondering. Does it matter? Should it matter? If it makes a difference accuracy wise do I have stock issues? I’m thinking as well secured as a military action/bbl is secured to it’s stock with the action screws, lower bbl band and front bbl band, full stock and handguard, I wouldn’t think that it would matter as long as everything is tight.
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Re: Military bolt guns—Is there a proper way to screw it all together?
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Snug it down with the action screws, but no barrel bands.  If the barrel is lifted out of the stock, shim accordingly until the barrel lies down in the stock channel. Put it all back together with the action screws 1/2 turn past snug.
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