Author Topic: Rio Grande Rig Ruger/Colt 4 3/4 holster makes great Concealed Carry holseter  (Read 1853 times)

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 I have my Rio Grande holsters and belt with me in my luggage.  A John Wesley Hardin crossdraw for my Uberti Schofield 7 inch .45 and a Rio Grande Holster for my New Vaquero .45.   Great for working outdoors and having a little fun shooting.

However, I commonly wear a sport coat for work.   I just slipped my Vaquero holster off my Rio Grande belt and put it on my pants belt under my coat.   It actually conceals very well.  rides high and holds close to my body and doesn't bugle at all.  Pretty good for a big bore fame gun. 

A pocket of a half a dozen or so extra .45 Colt shells and you're in business to defend.   

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I tried my Double Huckleberry rig under my jacket (w/4.6" birdhead OM K-Vaqueros).
I found that it is possible to lose them 'irons out of the leather unless the hammers are lashed.
When I'm packing concealed, I definitely do not want to have them tied down.
I reckon they are ass-heavy because they have stainless steel grip frames instead of aluminum or Qualite.

Good luck, Pard!

PS  I reckon I'll have to use longer barreled Rugers or tighter leather.  ??? ???
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