Author Topic: Marlin 45/70 1881-8185??  (Read 1999 times)

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Marlin 45/70 1881-8185??
« on: March 05, 2017, 05:46:23 PM »
A friend of mine called " Man let's shoot today it's too nice to waste this day,," I showed up ,with my 40/60(chappie,,been work'n on it ),,he haul's out a beautiful ,new looking Marlin! Tells me he bought it some 20 yrs, ago ,,,been in the safe,,some one had done a beautiful restore job,,hand carved both the fore arm and the stock,,realy nice work. My friend told me "this here is a 95 Marlin",,,,,,well alrighty,,,,NOT,,It is,say's I a 1881,no later than 86 model and with just 4 digit serial # may be a 1883,,,( I'm no espert),the action was as smooth as a man could ask for,,Yep! I fired it !!!  My very first 45/70 govn. to hold and shoot,,,,,And "NO " I ,,,don't want a 45/70 ,,,(I am frail you know),,The o'l rifle shot to the point of aim,,50yds,,,100 yds ,,it was as nice as anyone could ask for,,and I was honored to get to shoot it,,,,once!!! Thank You ,,TOM.



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